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Title. Nothing more original than that. :P

"Each Shall Rise To Face Their Destiny"


Welcome to the Grandia II shrine, designed exclusively for you! Already familiar with the game? Then please, feel free to browse around. If not, I invite you to read this short but wonderful introduction. It is educational, believe me. :P Grandia II is, obviously, the sequel to Grandia, released for the Sega Saturn and Playstation consoles. Originally created for Dreamcast by Game Arts (Lunar series), Grandia II has been made available for PC and Playstation 2 as well, due to its huge popularity. As you can see, it has followed a similar commercial path to its prequel.

Now, go visit the story section to learn a little, very little, more about this game. Then, if you still wish to learn more, look at the walkthrough main page for basic rules and obvious tips. Have an enjoyable stay!

Two years later...

June 26, 2007: HEY! It's another update already! Well, Phiria was enthusiastic enough to send me a list of small mistakes found in the shrine. *cough* The descriptions for the Raincoat, the Lion Harp and the Golden Statue are now accurate. Thanks again, Phiria!

June 14, 2007: Yep yep, my shrine is surprisingly not perfect, so I still need to update it. Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Phiria about the locations of the Poff Nuts. Apparently, I missed one... You will find more information about this in the Valuables and Miscellaneous sections. Thank you, Phiria! (And wow, I need to add more colors in this shrine)

September 24, 2005: Soooo, I got new information about the Hut of Trials in Nanan, including items for rounds 7 to 22, tips and even a screenshot. All this thanks to Soon Sin. Thank you! :D

January 5, 2005: What I was talking about in my last update is now done. It has actually, uh, been done for quite a while now, but I forgot to mention it. Really. :P

May 15, 2004: I realized a while ago that my Walkthrough could look better, so since I'm a damned perfectionist about my html-ization, I upgraded it. I also realized lately what were absolute/relative urls and noticed I only used abs urls, which is bad, so I'll fix that slowly eventually. Not that anybody cares. :P

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