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Ryudo is a wild teenager who is doing all sorts of weird jobs to get money. He is called a Geohound. Those people are feared by common villagers because they are rude, dirty and bathe in their kill's blood. Ryudo is accompanied by Skye, his loyal talking-eagle companion, who is also his closest friend and confidant. Apparently, they have no social life. One day, right after another of their crazy adventures, they receive a note from a certain person related to the Church of Granas (located in Carbo, a nearby village) asking for a bodyguard.

Once in Carbo, they meet a bunch of girls called the "Granas Sisters". Those ladies are heading out to conduct an exorcism ceremony in some tower, planning to seal away the Evil (also known as Valmar, the God of Darkness). However, one of them, Elena, is a Songstress of Granas and must stay behind to sing for the service. She is renowned for her songs bringing hope and joy to everyone. Yep, you guessed it. Elena is the one who must be protected. While visiting the village, Ryudo and Skye hear a charming voice coming from the Church and decide to enter it to discover the cause of this enchantment, which is no other than Elena, of course. After a short and unfruitful discussion with the young lady, Ryudo is asked politely by Father Carius, the headmaster of the Church, to wait at the inn where he will be provided with more information concerning his task. Reluctant at first, the greedy teenager lets himself convinced by a sack of gold pieces and so, the quest begins... *insert all sorts of lame questions such as "What dangers await them?" or "Will the Evil be sealed forever?" here*

Let us conclude (yes, already) with...The Legend of the "Battle of Good and Evil". I know what you are thinking: "Blah. Boring. Another silly tale about Good and Evil." I admit that it is cliché, but you should read it. It explains the origins of the world as it is now and introduces the true good and bad guys. Daaah! Come on! Read it! :P

The Legend of the "Battle of Good and Evil"

Left: Granas; right: the sexy Valmar

When the world was still young and yawned at every dawn's waking, Granas, the God of Light, came. All was bathed in the holy light of Heaven. Thus, those were the days of marvels.
Yet, there were those who sought the power to resist Granas; they found power in Valmar, the God of Darkness. Power to release the energy bound up in life. Power to unmake the world.

Thus, in those days, they made war.

The fighting continued endlessly, until the Sword of Granas pierced the infinite darkness of Valmar. The mighty blow from Granas not only smashed Valmar to pieces, but also carved several ugly scars in the very surface of the planet.
These are the Granacliffs that survive even to the present - scars in the land.

The reason why we call this earth the "Cursed Land".

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