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Main Characters

Here is where you will find everything about the main characters. What a surprise. :P If known, the usual is listed: age, those always so realistic and useful height and weight, weapon, short biography... Spoiler free, but 74.9% bad attempt at humor. Other characters of less importance are listed here.

Playable Characters
Elena Mareg Millenia Roan Ryudo Tio
Main Non-Playable Characters
Carro Melfice Selene Skye Zera Innocentius Carro's tail just because it's so ugly. :P

Playable Characters

Your hat's a scarf, lady! Age: 17
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 58 Kg
Weapon: Staff
Famous quote: "Bwhad awe dou booing? Cut that out!" (to Ryudo)

Elena is a Songstress from the Church of Granas. Her voice is known across, er, Carbo Village. :P She plays the good little girl most of the time, caring deeply for people she has never met before. Whether you appreciate her company or not, she joins early in the game and is an important character as the story revolves around her and...Evil! She is weak, but like every girl fighting with a staff in RPGs, she is useful to heal party members in battles.
Nice smile. Age: Late 30s
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 113 Kg
Weapon: Axe
Famous quote: "My name is Mareg. I am a warrior. I seek vengeance. That is all."

Being the big scary Beast-Man that he is, Mareg likes to SMELL people, especially if they stink death! Like Melfice. He smiles rarely, but that is only because he is not the expressive type. He is a nice kind-hearted guy, a nature lover, a true intellectual; he knows when to stay silent. To conclude, let me say that his axe must hurt quite a lot.
Uh, that's not exactly what I call protection. Age: Undetermined
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 53 Kg
Weapon: Bow
Famous quote: "You classless moron!" (to Risotto)

Millenia acts accordingly to her looks. She wants to make Ryudo, and sometimes random monstrous beasts, hers and uses her mysterious grin to seduce everybody. She is easy to anger and as a consequence, she often goes berserk in combat (also known as Millenia’s Rage System). Where did she get the idea that a white laced-corset would protect her in battle? I have no clue, but I blame the character designer for such an outrageous piece of clothes. :P
I want a hair band like that. Age: 13
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 37 Kg
Weapon: Knife
Famous quote: "I suspect that deep down you are a very nice person." (to Ryudo)

Roan has perfect table manners, even if he wears a ridiculous hair band (no need to search for a link between those two statements; there isn't one). He does not appear to be a teenager, nor in mind, nor in body: he speaks politely regardless of the situation and seems to be 8 years old. He joins after being helped by Ryudo and Millenia to reacquire a precious lost medal, a souvenir from his mother.
I'm sorry, but red's not your color. Age: 17
Height: 176
Weight: 64 Kg
Weapon: Sword
Famous quote: "Ask Elena. She doesn't seem to have much taste in anything. Bonnets included." (to Roan)

This young man is the perfect portrait of the anti-hero. Cynical, ironic, pessimistic, sarcastic and all those other adjectives that everybody messes up, he possesses them all. He uses his remarkable sword skills to "work" with his best friend, Skye. He wants people to think he is a "cold, unfeeling Geohound", but I have seen better actors. If you want my opinion (and I know you don't), he sure can make some hilarious jokes.
Huh? Age: She is a teen robot
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 41 Kg
Weapon: Rings
Famous quote: "Therefore, Elena is the master of Ryudo."

Tio looks like a doll. A bloody ninja doll from Hell! In fact, she does not use RINGS as weapons. She kills with sharp boomerangs shaped LIKE rings. She is an Automata built in the era of the Battle of Good and Evil to fight against Good. Like a nice little machine, she always needs orders and becomes extremely confused when told to do whatever she wants. Expect a lot of "I do not understand." coming from her because she ignores everything about human life.

Main Non-Payable Characters

The animal has a scary tail. Carros are small animals renowned for their appreciation of Poff Nuts. They like those nuts a lot and can not shut up as soon as they get some. They do nothing useful in the game except using their scary tail to light up darkened alleys travelers happen to stumble upon. Despite their numerous flaws, they look so cute! One last thing: "Carro" is designed by Atsuko Nishida. Never forget that.
Melfice (or the cute bad guy)
Look at my long horn! Age: 22
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 67 Kg
Weapon: Sword
Famous quote: "Heh heh heh."

Melfice is not really THE bad guy, but you can tell by the way he dresses that he will not invite you to attend some of his flowery picnics. He brings ruination, chaos, corruption, get the idea, wherever he goes. He has amazing sword skills (waaay more amazing than Ryudo's) and can cut anything as easily as if he was slicing a turkey for Thanksgiving.
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 47 Kg
Famous quote: "In the name of Granas, all that is evil and corruptible must be purified!"

Selene has only three words in mind: "purification", "by" and "fire". She is the High Priestess of the Granas Cathedral and is damned obsessed with her job. She wants to strictly follow Granas' laws and is ready to sacrifice lives in the name of the God of Light. The Cathedral Knights are her closest friends, or so it seems. Not the most talkative guys in the world, though.
Your pic's not as good as the others, dude. Age: 40
Weapon: His beak of doom!
Famous quote: "My job is to guard and protect this hot-head from all the danger his endlessly flapping mouth gets him into." (about Ryudo)

Skye is one cool talking-eagle. He gives great advice, he has extremely powerful wings and he is clever. Sometimes, he even makes better jokes than Ryudo. He met the latter two years ago and has traveled with him since then. They share everything: tent, food and murderous tips. Deep down inside, he cares tenderly for his companion and would do anything to protect him. Bwah, what could be cuter? Maybe Carro.
Zera Innocentius
Lorrrrd Grrrranas Age: 58
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 89 Kg
Famous quote: "Lord Granas spoke to me last night."

As the Pope of the Church of Granas, Zera Innocentius' duty is to give advice and guidance to the desperate masses. His speeches about the return of Lord Granas nourish the happiness in the hearts of people. Everybody has faith in him (almost everybody) and comes to the Cathedral in St. Heim to benefit from his widely-known wisdom. Even in times of great Darkness, he does not lose hope.

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