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So, you are probably wondering what this pointless page is about. Well, no! It is not pointless! Since Grandia II is not a game where you must absolutely go everywhere and talk to everybody in towns you pass by, you may have missed some interesting aspects. Moreover, you can not come back in all the villages after some point in the game. The main attractions of this section are the Cyrum Bazaar and the Hut of Trials, but there are also other varied things such as "books to read" and "people to talk to". Scroll down to see. :P As you may have observed by looking at the table below, everything is sorted by town (except for the last two titles on the page). If you know similar tidbits that are not listed and should be, please, feel free to contact me. To tell the truth, I ORDER you to do so. :P

St. Heim Papal State
Cyrum Kingdom
Carro's Purpose
Playing Twice Through the Game


Your First Book

The Secret to a Long and Passionate Marriage
(In the bookshelf of house 1)

So? Something Worth my Time?

Yes. Talk to the Grandma and Grandpa in town (they are taking a walk somewhere, preferably near a tree). They have long tales to tell you. Especially Grandpa. :P

Moreover, Phiria sent me extra information about the TRUE location of the first Poff Nut! After finishing Garmia Tower and meeting Millenia for the first time, Elena will join your party. In Carbo Village talk to Lenny, the little boy that was crying for Elena earlier. She will explain to him why she has to leave and he will give her a Poff Nut as a farewell present. Neat, huh?


You Should Talk to...

...the guy with light blue hair near the southern exit before leaving the town. He gives you a Poff Nut and explains what is its purpose. It should theoretically be your fourth one. You could return in Durham Cave and feed Carro with it, but it would be useless. You will meet Carro again later.

St. Heim Papal State

Boring Books

Holy Annals of the Ages of the Gods - Chapters 1 to 4
(Three in the bookshelves of the Cathedral library, one on the center table - HIGHLY recommended :P)

Holy Book of Granas - Books I to III
(In the bookshelves of the Cathedral library)

Let's Sing the Song of Light
(On the right table of the town library)

Raising Squeak-Baas
(On the center table of the town library)

Runaway Love
(Talk to the lady beside the center table in the town library to get a summary of this fascinating novel)

The Holy Light - Books 1 to 3
(In the bookshelves of the town library)

The Light of Lord Granas - Chapters 1 to 3
(Two in the bookshelves of the town library, one on the center table)

Anything Else?

There is an old man in the Squeak-baas pastures that gives you a tip about the Raul Hills (your next destination). If you talk many times to the drunk dude standing near the Inn, he will eventually tell you that he has a son, Mark, living in Cyrum Kingdom. He will ask you to deliver him a message and if you accept, reward you with a Poff Nut. Wow.

Cyrum Kingdom

Another Book

A Collection of MAU Tribe Song Lyrics
(In the bookshelf of house 4)

Where is Mark?!

He is the first kid you see at the Port. As a reward for telling him news about his father, he gives you a Poff Nut. Re-wow.

Cyrum Bazaar

You can visit the stands or talk to the people around the Castle Square with Elena and Millenia. Depending on who accompanies you, different things will happen as resumed in the cool table below.

Stand/People Ryudo and... What Happens?
MAU Tribe Elena There are things to sell, like ribbons, but nothing that you can actually buy. Talk to both the father and son; they explain what their tribe is about.
Millenia Millenia wants to stop at their stand to listen to the music. It is definitely something that makes her happy.
Drink Stand Elena Nothing is sold until Elena wants a drink after meeting Hemble. The only drink you can bring her is the fourth one, in the blank space.
Millenia Nothing to sell. Heh.
Fruit Seller Elena You have two choices:
  1. A small purple one: "love berries"
  2. A green squarish one: "mindful melon" for scatterbrained people
Millenia You have two choices again:
  1. The same small purple one as with Elena
  2. A blue wiggly one: "cool melon" for angry people
Fortune-Teller Elena He talks about your love life.
Millenia He says you will get involved in something dangerous.
Yamus People (standing near the fountain) Elena Yamus People are known for their writing skills. The girl wants to write a story about Elena and yourself. You can say "No!" or "Yes!"
Millenia Millenia orders the girl to ask the same question she asked when Elena was there. You can say "No!", "Yes!" or "..."
Goldfish Fishing Stand Elena With both of them, you can catch a goldfish. However, you MUST talk to the lady who is walking in front of the MAU tribe's stand. She reveals you the secret about catching fishes. The guy at the stand rewards you with a Poff Nut if you win. So, you can get two nuts for Carro there. :D
Arm Wrestling and Hemble* Elena In Hemble's tent is the arm wrestling mini game. It is only possible to return there when you have to go get a drink for Elena (instead of following her orders, go play arm wrestling like a lazy bum :P) or when Millenia is with you. Here are the prizes you can win when you come back after the round with Elena:
  • 1st round: Revival Gem
  • 2nd round: Hero's Elixir
  • 3rd round: Silver Freeze (a sword)
  • 4th round: Gold Feather
  • 5th round: Glass Slippers
Hemble does not want to play more than five rounds because tears are somewhat blinding his eyesight.

*Are you telling me you have trouble beating that ugly guy at arm wrestling? And you want tips?! :P Sure, no problem. The three first rounds are relatively easy to win. It gets harder on the two last ones because Hemble seems to have more power and endurance. My personal strategy is: always try keeping your power a bit higher than his and when your endurance runs out, recover some until it reaches the last "e" in the word "Endurance" on the screen. Or some other point between that "e" and the middle of the gauge. Do that as long as Hemble has power. He will eventually weaken and consequently, victory will be yours. Keep in mind that you might have to try more than twice before winning two times in a round.

However, Brendan McAndrew (yes, the one and only! :P), sent me another strategy to beat Hemble. I haven't tested it yet, but I think it makes sense, so here it is nonetheless: all you have to do is press R1 and X at the same time for about half a second, then release them both for another half a second, then repeat, and repeat, going back and forth. You can basically ignore Hemble completely while using this method in the first three rounds. In the last two, you may want to hold both buttons for a bit longer than half a second when Hemble is pushing at full power. "Using this method, I never lost once... it takes a while, and you will never win quickly, but it worked well for me." stated Brendan. Another satisfied customer!


More About Ryudo's Past

By "talking" (= "pressing the action button") to the tombstones near the entrance to Grail Mountain, you can learn more about Ryudo's past. I am sure you already knew it, though. :P "Talk" to the firetower and Ryudo's house door to learn even more crazy facts about the same subject.


The Hut of Trials

After your first visit into the Hut of Trials, under the Elder's invitation, you can return there as many times as you wish. Inside is the Walnuts mini game, supervised by a giant Carro. What is so special about it? Well, each time you succeed to make Carro happy, the guy waiting for your return outside the Hut gives you a different special item. The trick to make Carro squeals and acts cute is to collect a number of nuts that is equal or higher than the one indicated on the lower right counter.

This is what the Walnuts mini game looks like after six successful rounds

Here are the numbers given on the counter ("Nuts" column) for each visit and the corresponding items you get. Obviously, the Book of War is the most interesting.

Visit Nuts Item
First 1 Ring of Guarding
Second 4 Bloody Saucer (Tio's ring)
Third 8 Miracle Scales
Fourth 12 Platinum Feather
Fifth 16 Book of War
Sixth 20 Healing Fruit
The following information has been provided by Soon Sin.
Seventh 24 Dynamite
Heighth 24 Baobab Fruit
Ninth 24 Potion of Azure
Tenth 24 Healing Fruit
Eleventh 24 Potion of Azure
Twelfth 24 Baobab Fruit
Thirteenth 24 Seed of Life
Fourteenth 24 Baobab Fruit
Fifteenth 24 Healing Fruit
Sixteenth 24 Healing Fruit
Seventeenth 24 Baobab Fruit
Heighteenth 24 Healing Fruit
Nineteenth 24 Potion of Azure
Twentieth 24 Healing Fruit
Twentyfirst 24 Dynamite
Twentysecond 24 Seed of Power

I used to say I didn't have tips for this mini-game, but many thanks go to Soon Sin for sending me some. :D Here they are (I like the term "nut grabbing"...):

  • You will only get hit by the bugs if you miss the nuts after hitting the "action button", as there is a lag of perhaps half a second where you will freeze at the doorway. So time well and hit the "action" button only when the nut pedestal is halfway up or down at the middle "nut grabbing" position to grab the nuts.
  • Move to another doorway if the pedestal is too high or low, time is too precious to wait for it to move to the middle and you can always come back to this doorway later when the pedestal is at the middle "nut grabbing" position.
  • Do not be distracted by the bugs as they move down too fast to avoid, just concentrate on the nuts and their moving pedestals.
  • As you move back instantaneously whenever you successfully grab a nut, you can avoid any bugs.
  • For the 24/24 stage, it is possible but extremely hard to win after 1 hit by the falling bugs, hence no margin for errors.

Soon Sin even sent me a screenshot of the 26/24 attempt, so I might as well show it to you all too. :P

What Was Carro's Purpose?

No idea. :P Carros are completely useless. You interact with them only three times in the game: in Durham Cave, in Cyrum Castle Secret Passage and in the Hut of Trials (read the corresponding parts of the Walkthrough for more details). If you want to know where the Poff Nuts are, look at the Valuables page. Some links there will undoubtedly bring you back to this page. :P

I Like to Play Through my Games a Second Time When Beaten Once. Will There Be Something Different?

(Long titles are fun. :P) You are supposed to find new treasures in certain places, but nothing rare and super. At least, this is what I believe. I can not be 100% sure if everything "new" I have found the second time was truly new. Maybe it was already there the first time, but I did not see it. Moreover, an Electrum Stone, for example, is not really an item I would call "rare and super". :P So, this is why there is no list of "New Items You Can Find the Second Time you Play Through the Game" here. However, if you think you got something that should be mentioned, let me know.

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