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The music in Grandia II is composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, mainly known for Grandia and the Lunar series. The original soundtrack is available on two CDs, Deus and Povo, as shown below.

  1. Memory Of The God
  2. Opening Act
  3. Village Of Carbo ~ Pious Adepts
  4. A Deus
  5. The Ones Hidden Within The Darkness (1)
  6. Tower Of Garmia
  7. Dangerous Zone
  8. FIGHT!! Ver.1
  9. "You Won't Be Able To Kill Me Just Like That!"
  10. Come On, Let's Travel
  11. Inn Town Ageel ~ Cursed Land (Agear, if you prefer)
  12. The Ones Hidden Within The Darkness (2)
  13. Commercial Town Lilig ~ Apparent Prosperity
  14. The Broken Seal
  15. Purification Of Darkness ~ Battle With The Parts
  16. Nightmare Village Milm ~ A Good, Unknown Anxiety (where Milm = Mirumu)
  17. The Garden Of Dreams ~ The Mysterious Girl
  18. FIGHT!! Ver.2
  19. The Country Of Laws Santhaim ~ Pious Adepts (okay...Santhaim is St. Heim)
  20. Out For Lunch
  21. Granas Sanctuary
  22. Granas Saber

Total time: 65min 46s
  1. Memory Of The Gods (Full Version)
  2. The Sairam Kingdom ~ Prosperity And Freedom (in other words: Cyrum)
  3. LIVE! LIVE!! LIVE!!!
  4. Sairam Castle
  5. Announcement At Sairam Kingdom ~ March
  6. Romance At A Windy Isle
  7. The Moon Of Valmar
  8. Have Faith In Yourself
  9. Evil Root Of Destruction
  10. FIGHT!! Ver.3 ~ Middle Boss Battle
  11. "Heh, They Didn't Even Get To Fight Back!"
  12. Skye's Reminiscence
  13. The Town Of Nanan ~ Overwhelming Nature
  14. Traditional Song ~ The Villagers' Chorus
  15. Despair And Hope
  16. The Ones Hidden Within The Darkness (Mix Version)
  17. Elegy
  18. Collapse
  19. The Mythical World
  20. Valmar
  21. A Farewell, And Decision
  22. Awakening Ryudo ~ Prayers Of The People
  23. FIGHT!! Ver.4 ~ The Final Battle
  24. Song Of The People ~ Canção Do Povo

Total time: 70min 50s

The songs "A Deus", "Traditional Song ~ The Villagers' Chorus", "Awakening Ryudo ~ Prayers Of The People" and "Canção Do Povo" have lyrics. So, in case you want to learn and sing them, here they are.

A Deus

Nascer do sol palavras milagre
Agua pura uma lagrima
Paz luz amor...
Fruto agreste respiração liberdade
Harmonia vento da bén ção
Tempestade inquietação escuridão
Luz do sol alegria graçãs a deus...

Canção Do Povo (and the two others)

Louvem! madrugada
Alma bela dança de terra
ó sintam! o vendaval da coragem
Transbordem! leite da terra
Beijo do ceu chuva do rejubilo
Uma semente peguena desejo
Grande grande grande...

Cultivem, um caminho novo caminho
Festejem, Ceifem, um milhão
De espigas as espigas do destino
Cantem, a nossa canção
Transmitam, canção do povo
Força cordial porta da esperança...

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