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Mission 2

Mission 2

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Gundam MK II Titan's Version30AP1
Gundam MK II Titan's Version64AP1
Mission 2 Maps

As the AEUG make there escape with the new Gundam MK II the Titan's meet them head on!

Here we have the new and improved version of the Prime Point Set which has now been called the Mobile Suit Set, screwy ain't it? 0_o

Once in the Gundam's menu press L/R until you come upon the screen shown here. This is your attributes screen where you distribute points to the different attributes. I would recommend boosting the following: ITEM, Lock-On Speed, Gunshot ATC, and Gunshot DEF.

Now the fun begins. Before you go any further I would highly recommend checking out the Long Range section first and then come back and try this mission. If you don't you might have a few problems understanding the long range attacks. You have three Hi-Zack's to destroy, two good shots should do it.

After the battle you'll get to see how well you did and you get a chance to use items if you need to. You shouldn't need to use any Energy-Pacs unless you were greatly damaged during the battle, if you have 100+ AP you'll be fine.

After the brief break Jerrid catches up to you but only this time around he's in a Hi-Zack. Eliminating him is easy, you only need to do about 50AP damage to him before he escapes. After defeating him you'll once again get a chance to rest and cure/reload. If you DO NOT have over 100AP left use an Energy-Pac! You're gonna need all the help you can get.

*Back on the battlefield* What another... Gundam? How many of these things are there? This isn't much harder than the three Hi-Zacks were, in fact it may even be easier. The only advantage it seems to have is speed. Just hope you've practiced and gotten good with the long range battles. After dealing 40AP-50AP damage it'll fly off. YAY! No more Long Range missions for a while! *gulp* I hope...

Moving down from your starting position you'll come upon two Hi-Zack's make them pay for the long range battles!!

In the next area you'll find the Gundam that you just fought and it comes with two, count 'em TWO shiny Hi-Zacks! All you need to do here is defeat the Gundam.

All though you should destroy the two Hi-Zack's for the experience (which I like to do) it isn't required to complete the mission. Move up to the Gundam and attack it until it flies off. It shouldn't take more than 4 hits if that to do it.

Kamiyuh in his Gundam flies off after Emma but she has already met up with Jerrid. It seems that Emma finally realizes that the Titan's are the problem and quits the Titan's and joins up with the AEUG. Jerrid however isn't gonna give up so easily and flies off.

Mission Complete!

On to Mission 3!