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Here you'll be able to find information on all the characters that appear throughout the course of the game. All information seen here is based on the original information by Samual Lee which I've rewrote to be more descriptive. Without his information, this section would really suck. Check out his awesome Z Gundam website, Zeta Gundam Warehouse.

All characters who's names are followed by a yellow * the information for that character was provided by Alex Kimball.
All characters who's names are followed by a red * the information for that character was provided by BugCatcher.

Character ImageNameComments
Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray, the Federation's legendary pilot of the One Year War. During the One Year War, Amuro saved Side 7 from impending destruction at the hands of three Zeon Zaku II's when he climbed into the cockpit of the Federation's new high-performance mobile suit, the Gundam. Over the remaining monthes of the war, Amuro would develop a fierce rivalry with Zeon's Ace Pilot Char Aznable. It has been speculated that without Amuro's Newtype abilities and the Gundam, the Federation would have lost the war to Zeon.

Following the war, Amuro returns to Earth where he is put under house arrest by the Federation's government, who believes that a Newtype of Amuro's caliber is aver dangerous thing should he be allowed to move freely. Since the war, Amuro has lost his inclination to fight, most likely due to the pain and heartache he feels for ending the life of Lalah Sune during the war. All of this changes, however, once he is visited by Fraw Bow and the "White Base orphens".

Apolly Just like Roberto, he was a former member of the Principality of Zeon and the best inferior and wingman of Quattro Bageena. One of the Mobile Suit pilot in Argama.
Astonage Medso The mechanic and electronic engineer of Argama. Astonage helps Kamiyuh design the new, transformable, Zeta Gundam. He also sends off Kamiyuh's designs to Anaheim Electronics to be built and shipped to the Argama.
Bran Blutarch*Bran hates the Federation's army almost as much as the Titans. His a good guy at heart, and enjoys being popular among his subordinates
Dungel CooperComing Soon
Emma Sheen Originally, she is the first lieutenant in Titans. After knowing she belongs to a vulgar and brutal organization, she defects and enters the AEUG. Although she knows Kamiyuh Bidan admires her, she just treats him as a little brother. After Kamiyuh receives the new Zeta Gundam, she becomes the full time pilot of the MK II Gundam. An excellent mobile suit pilot aboard Argama.
Fa Yuri A Chinese girl and the best friend of Kamiyuh Bidan since childhood. After Kamiyuh steals the MK II Gundam the Titans imprison Fa's parents which was the reason she joins the AEUG. A kind and loving girl that could be considered Kamiyuh's lover.
Four Murasame

The fourth artificially-enhanced Newtype trained/enhanced by the Murasame Research Lab and the pilot of Psycho-Gundam. Her parents were casualties during the "One Year War" and after the war was over she was adopted by the Murasame Research Lab to be their guinea pig. However, Murasame Research Lab erased all of her memories and gave her the number "Four" as her name.

She doesn't love wars but her nurse, Namika Coner, forces her to battle and tells her this is the only way she can get back her memory. Once Kamiyuh and her meet in Hong Kong they both fall deeply in love with one another. When she finds out that Kamiyuh is the pilot of the MK II Gundam she is furious but also deeper in love with him than ever.

Haman Kahn

The actual leader of Axis. During the "One Year War" she was the girlfriend of the Zeon mobile suit pilot, Char Aznable. She looks like the nurse of the small leader, Mineva Lao Zabi, but actually owns the real military and political power in Axis. She was born in the small asteroid, Axis, and is capable of controlling her amazing Newtype abilities.

She hates Char because of his ungratefulness but she still loves him. After she met Char again, she gives him multiple chances to come back to her, but Char consecutively ignores her.

Hayato Kobayashi Former member of White Base and the pilot of the Federation's prototype Guntank during the war. After the "One Year War", he married Fraw Bow and they adopted Katz, Lets and Kikka as their foster children. Hayato becomes the owner of the Kennedy Space Port, and the captain of the Audomura. He is an important member in Kalaba, but also gives information and support to the AEUG.
Henken Bekkener Originally the captain of the Argama until he hands command over to Bright Noah and takes command over the Radish. Although he is a rough man, he is still a smart captain and commander. He loves Emma Sheen but he never is able to tell her before he is killed.
Jamitov Hymen * Founder of the Titans. It took me awhile to figure this guy out, mostly because it starts out looking like he's working for Basque, but in fact he's a key player in the internal power struggle between the Fed Regulars and the Titans, especially when they moved the Earth headquarters from Jaburo to the Gryps colony.
Jerrid Messa Jerrid seems to want revenge on Kamiyuh for what my understanding was because at some point Kamiyuh humiliated Jerrid. That seems to be Jerrid's entire reason for joining the Titans.
Kacricorn Cacooler * One of Layla's [Lilla] pilots who also tried to look out for Jerrid. His bravery humbled Jerrid (though not a lot) and he died in the reentry battle as the AEUG was launching the assault on Jaburo. Jerrid had come to look up to him
Kamiyuh Bidan The main character of this story. Before he entered AEUG, he was a normal high school student and lived on Green Noah 1 (Side 7). He hates his feminine name and revolts against his father, mother, and the Federation Government. An isolated person that hesitates to talk freely, and an expert in electronic engineering and judo. After he steals the MK II Gundam, he becomes a member of the AEUG and slowly discovers his Newtype ability. However, tragedies also happen to him one after another...
Katz Kobayashi The oldest of the three orphens that were on board the White Base during the "One Year War". After the war, Lets, Kikka and him are adopted by Hayato Kobayashi and Fraw Bow. After he meets his real hero, Amuro Ray, he decides to enter Kalaba with hopes of becoming an superb pilot like Amuro.
Lilla Mira Rira*Commander of the Galbaldy-, which is stationed at the Federation's base Luna II. She taught Jerrid how to use mobile suits to fight in space. She was ultimately defeated in battle by Kamiyuh.
Mineva Lao Zabi*The sole survivor of the Zabi line, Mineva is a haunting reminder of Vice-Admiral Dozle Zabi, who was killed during the capture of Solomon in the One Year War. Now the Axis flag is being used by Haman.
Muoar PharaohComing Soon
Paptimus Scirocco An excellent Newtype cultivated on the huge transportation ship, Jupitris, and the commander of the fleet in Jupiter. After joining the Titans on Earth, he soon began making plans to rule the universe. Although he swears to cleave Titans, he also gives assistance to Axis because of the military benefits. An ambitious and hawkish person. After the death of Jamitov Haiman, he tries to destroy the armies of AEUG on Gryps 2. In the end his dream does not come true...
Quattro Bagina One of the major characters in the game and was a key figure during the "One Year War". He is Char Aznable,the exceptional mobile suit pilot, and the famous Red Comet of the Principality of Zeon. After the One year War, he uses Quattro Bagina as his name and enters AEUG. The AEUG leader, Blex Forer, and Quattro begin making palns to overturn the Federation Government. Unfortunatly, he is also associated with the murder of Blex Forer later on.
Ramsus Hasa*Pilot of the Hambrabi, which is commanded by Yazan Gable. In the anime, there is a scene where he picks a fight with Recoa (after she joins the Titans). He doesn't appear to be a man of very good character. Even so, he is quite a good pilot.
Reccoa Londe

One of the members on Argama, and Quattro's best assistant. She specializes in spy and recognizance missions.

After she meets Paptimus Scirocco, she starts to realize he is the only one who can depend and treat her like a 'real woman'. Because of this reason, she defects to the Titans. She becomes the subordinate of Paptimus Scirocco and fights against her original army, AEUG

Roberto Former member of the Principality of Zeon and Quattro Bagina's best inferior and wingman. One of the mobile suit pilots on Argama.
Rosamia Badam The artificially-enhanced New Type trained/enhanced by the Ogasta New Type Research Lab in North America. She witnessed the space colony fall on Earth when she was a child, this was imprinted in her memory and always makes her feel frightened of herself. After being brainwashed she wrongfully thinks Kamiyuh Bidan is her long-lost brother, but Kamiyuh still treats her as his real sister. However, the remains of the old memory and the artificial memory always mess up her mind, and finally drives her crazy.
Sarah Zabiarov The loyal subordinate of Paptimus Scirocco, and is madly in love with him. She enters consecutive battles to protect him, although she knows her power is pitiful in comparison to Paptimus's. She becomes attracted to both Kamiyuh and Katz upon their first meeting. Sarah holds both love and friendship close to her, but in the end she can't make a decision for herself.

Titan and UNT SoldiersSoldiers for either the Titans or the UNT.
Yazan Gable*Loves war to the core. Will fight anyone, regardless of the organization they belong to. Unrivaled in his control of Mobile Suits.