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Hot Scramble

What's this? A Z Gundam game before Away to the Newtype?! Yes, that's right! Hot Scramble was a First Person Shooter/Platformer released in 1986 in Japan for the Famicom, but there is an english translated rom out there floating around somewhere. The beautiful thing about Hot Scramble is it first presents the battle system that will later be refined into the Long Range battles that are implimented into Away to the Newtype. Plus if you look at the graphics of the mobile suits in comparison to there Away to the Newtype counterparts, you can see that Away to the Newtype just uses a remake of its predecessor's graphics (see below table).

Hot off the presses kiddies comes a Hint Guide from Alex Kimball! Get it over at the Downloads section!

Also here is brief description of the game from Zack M.I. Brown. " One level consists of 3 parts. A. You shoot down Gau(Gaw?)-looking things until you go up to space B. Shoot down Hi-Zacks and other suits. On Even levels (2,4, etc.) you face a boss ship. C. After defeating the boss ship or on odds just shooting down the Hi-Zacks or what have you, you enter a colony. These are fun missions shoot Gms and make your way to the reactor and destroy it. The process repeats forever. In "C" stages you will find a box. The box heals one health thing. You will also find a shield and beam rifle power-up. The shields doubles your defense power, the Beam Rifle doubles offensive. That's pretty much it."

Hot Scramble ImageAway to the Newtype Image
Not Available

Okay, now let's get back to the game itself, shall we? The first part of each stage consists of a long range battle (seen below), where you move the circle over the enemies and press the A Button to fire at them in hopes of hitting them.

Now after you beat that first part you move on to the platformer part of the stage which is pretty straight forward. At the end you'll have to find a reactor, I think that's what you'd call it, but I've yet to beat it so I don't know whats beyond Stage 1. Alex Kimball, informed me that after about Stage 36, I believe, you'll get to see the credits of the game but then the stages will just keep repeating. A nice representation of the Gryps War itself; despite how many enemies you destroy you can never truely win the war on your own.