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Weapons & Items

This section has information for every weapon and item in the game. Unfortunatly, though, there are only three items and unlike Cross Dimension 0079 you can not pick up more items on the map.

Item NameDescription
Energy-Pac (EPAC)An Energy-Pac will completly refill all of a mobile suit's AP to full. Never enter combat without some.
Gun Magazine (MAG)A Gun Magazine will completly refill all of a mobile suit's Gun energy (the red bar on the left side of the screen & yellow bars in the bottom-left on Long Range missions) to full. Very helpful during Long Range battles.
GrenadeAn explosive that has fairly decent range and also has a side effect against enemy's that pushes them back a few spaces.

Weapon ImageWeapon NameMobile Suits that can use the WeaponDescription
Beam RifleGundam MK II, Hyaku Shiki, & Zeta GundamThe Beam Rifle is a very light yet very powerful weapon that has become the weapon to be equipped to the majority of mobile suits, both Titans and AEUG. This is the default A-Gun.
Beam SaberGundam MK II, Hyaku Shiki, Rick Dias, & Zeta GundamThe Beam saber is the ideal weapon for close range combat, as it insures a mobile suit's destruction with only a few well placed hits.
Clay BazookaRick DiasAn average bazooka armed with shells. The Rick Dias's only A-Gun.
Head VulcansRick DiasThese are the same as Head Vulcans except that the Rick Dias's head opens up to reveal the guns.
Head VulcansGundam MK II, Hyaku Shiki, & Zeta GundamHead mounted vulcans for use in close combat. These are your B-Guns and are operated much the same as a Beam Saber.