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Mission 3

Mission 3

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission


This mission is a long range only! Good luck! This mission also presents your first truely hard battle.

There isn't much different that you need to do on this mission that you didn't do on the last. Just dodge the enemy's blasts while you wait for your turn to come. I would recommend getting a Gun Magazine before you start the mission because it may just save your life.

This is one screen that never gets old. Its a reward for being patient enough to wait through the battles while waiting for a chance to blow them up. Think of the destroied suit as a trophy.

After the first three Hi-Zack's are defeated you'll get a break and then its back to battle only this time Jerrid is your enemy once again. Just as in the last mission, he is very easy to defeat. Usually you can take him out in one shot.

During the next few fights try to take the least amount of damage as possible because you're gonna need all the AP you can get in a few minutes. Once you see this screen you should make a savestate before continuing with the game...

Now the real battle can begin. Lilla flies in in her mobile suit, Galbaldy. This is difficult for two reasons. One, the Galbaldy has a huge speed and firepower advantage. Rapid shooting equals more pain for YOU!

Many times after your turn the Galbaldy will fly right on top of you and just start blasting leaving you defense less and unable to run from the attack. This can get very, VERY frustrating especially if you're low on AP.

Luckily for you (and me) the Galbaldy doesn't have but 60 or so AP. Can't you just imagine fighting it if it had 500AP? Eventually Jerrid will come in and him and Lilla will start talking. The battle ends with Lilla in her Galbaldy fleeing the battle.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 4!