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Picture Name Required Level Strength Effects Location
Sword of Life 1 1 None Trial Room at the start of the game.
Psycho Sword 5 2 Can stun metal creatures. Equip the Delicious Seeds and talk to the squirrel in the right treehouse in GreenWood.
Critical Sword 11 3 Randomly deals fatal blow. Found in a chest in Durean, in Oceania.
Lucky Sword 15 4 Chances of enemies dropping larger GEMs increases. Needed to enter Lake Lune at the Mountain of Souls. In a chest in Laynole (near the Mountain of Souls), past a shimmering bridge leading north.
Zantetsus Sword 16 6 Can defeat metal monsters. In a chest on the first floor of Leo's Lab.
Spirit Sword 19 8 Can defeat spirit-type enemies (Ghosts, Spirit Ball). In a chest in the Torture Room of Magridd Castle.
Recovery Sword 22 10 Heal some HP when you defeat an enemy. Once you have the Zantetsu Sword, go back to Grass Valley. Defeat the Metalpuses in Leo's Painting. Now go through the secret cave east of the watermill and climb the ivy. Talk to the jewel to get the sword.
Soul Blade 24 12 Can use Phoenix magic; can defeat many inanimate objects. In a chest in Dazzling Space.

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