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Grass Valley

Underground Castle

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Blue Slime 3 1 Normal Hide as puddles until you come near, then they rise up. Fairly slow and stupid.
Flame Statue 5 2 Normal They don't move, but they can be a huge nuisance. They flash just before they fire, and they can fire at you almost in any direction. Keep moving or use magic.
Flyball 3 1 Lair Can fly diagonally, and are pretty fast. Stand far enough away from the lair at a direct diagonal and slash away; they'll fly right into your sword once they stop blinking.
Goblin 3 1 Lair Stupid enemies. Stand diagonally to their path and slash.
Imp 4 2 Lair Like buffed-up Goblins, they can also shoot white balls at you in any direction. They'll jump back for a second before shooting. Get them as quickly as you can.
Plantman 3 1 Lair Wander around aimlessly, making them hard to get a hold on where they're going. Approach carefully.

Leo's Painting

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Birdy 4 3 Lair They'll move, then pause, then move, then pause. They move fast, but only in straight lines in the four directions. Since they usually appear in pairs, try to maneuver yourself between the two lines of movement and slash.
Eyeblock 4 3 Lair They hide among other white blocks, then jump at you. They move in hops. Easy targets.
Green Statue 9 4 Lair They don't move, but when you cross their line of fire (that is, the four directions) they'll wait a second, then fire at you. Much less tough than the Flame Statues. Magic works well against them.
Metalpus 24 250 Lair They hug the wall and move fairly quickly. They can only be hurt with the Zantetsu Sword. Easy targets once you have it. The Psycho Sword can stun them.
Spearman 9 5 Lair They'll turn around, then fire a spear in one of the four directions. The spear is wider than it seems. They can be tough in close quarters, so the easiest way to deal with them is use your crabwalk technique right near their lair.


Lostside Marsh and Water Shrine

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Butterflower 3 6 Normal Sits there releasing Butterflies. No problems.
Butterfly 3 6 Normal Fly around and get in your face, but low HP means low problems.
Demon Statue 14 12 Lair Masquerade as normal statues, but once you hit it, it comes alive. Teleports back and forth and shoots fireballs in any direction. Not too tough, though. (Emulator users, get rid of the backgrounds to see which ones are real!)
Gecko 10 10 Normal These guys mean no walking fast! They jump out of the water when you get near their hiding place, shoot a fireball straight ahead, then jump back in. Plus, if you can't kill them before they reenter the water, all their HP will be refilled! The only real chance of getting them is from the side. Real pain.
Mudman 12 11 Lair Dumb, stupid, slow, etc. Big HP only problem.
Treant 6 12 Lair These guys are smart. They'll extend a very long branch when you cross their line of fire (in the four directions) - and they're invincible while it's extended! You don't want to fight more than one of these at a time, so magic can come in useful.

Fire and Light Shrine

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Fader 15 15 Lair They'll turn to face a direction, then disappear and become a small shadow traveling in that direction for a short time, then reappear. They can hurt you while they're traveling, but you can't hurt them. They only appear for short spurts, so magic is mostly useless. Anticipate their direction of travel by watching which way they face, and get them from another angle.
Fireman 12 13 Lair Not too hard, but they shoot flames in any direction.
Lizardman 12 12 Lair A bit fast, but easy to deal with.
Moon Tribe 8 14 Lair They can float around anywhere on the screen. Only nasty if they gang up on you. Players of Illusion of Gaia might recognize these people.
Scorpion 30 350 Lair They hug the walls, like Metalpuses, and like Metalpuses, can only be hurt by the Zantetsu sword and stunned by the Psycho Sword.
Spirit Ball 40 1100 Lair Any sword can stun them, but they can only be hurt by the Spirit Sword. They bounce off the walls and generally get in your face, but they're fairly easy to avoid.


Southerta, Rockbiard, and Blester Island

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Gorilla 12 23 Lair Slow and stupid. They can throw rocks in the four directions, but the rocks are slow also.
Guppy 8 20 Normal Unbelievably annoying. They jump up from the water, shoot a wavy bubble which doesn't disappear until it's traveled a LONG time, then jump back in. If they reach the water again, their HP is refilled. Sometimes they're out of reach of your sword, so magic's your only hope. Think fast!
Firebird 21 28 Lair Usually only one or two per lair. It flies fast and in all eight directions, and can shoot a tornado which does mucho damage. Good thing: it's big, so it's easy to hit.
Metal Gorilla 30 35 Lair Same as the Gorilla, but can only be hurt by the Zantetsu Sword or the lightning pillars, using the Thunder Ring.
Palm Tree 10 22 Lair Wanders around and periodically shoots in one of the four directions. Usually appears many at a time, so magic's a good bet.
Rocky 20 24 Lair Hides as rocks (although lighter-colored than the others) then starts chasing after you. It's fast and hops around, plus it has a lot of HP, making it a major nuisance.

Sea Bed and Ghost Ship

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Hermit Crab 15 22 Lair You can only hit them when they're moving or getting ready to move. When they're in their shell, they're treated as metal enemies, which means the Psycho Sword will stun them. (This is actually very annoying, since you're trying to wait for them to come out again.) Try to anticipate their paths. Tough until you get the Critical Sword.
Jellyfish 10 25 Lair When you cross their path in the four directions, they'll rush at you, making them easy targets for your sword. Stand far enough away so that they stop blinking when they reach you, and keep slashing.
Leech 5 10 Normal Only on the Ghost Ship. They burst out of the floor, injuring you. Walk slowly. Once they're out, they're dead meat, though.
Manta Ray 10 30 Lair If you let them swim around, they'll throw huge lightning spheres at you. Stay just out of a vertical/horizontal path from the lair and keep slashing; they'll run right into you.
Seahorse 8 21 Lair Very slow and easy to kill. Sometimes they jump back when you hit them, but that's it.
Urchin 36 20 Normal Big. Easy to hit. Lots of HP. Moves extremely slowly. But when you hit it, it doesn't pause but just keeps moving. You might have to move back once or twice, but they're jokes.

Mountain of Souls

Aurora Peak

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Bone Deer 25 70 Lair It'll hop at you, then its head will fly around (it's invincible as it does this). Get it with the long side of your sword while its head is still on. Big, so easy target.
Devil 14 85 Lair Flies fast, but only diagonally. Let it rest for long enough and it'll shoot a fireball at you. Tough because of its high HP and the fact that it comes out in groups.
Snowball 40 2000 Normal Amazingly annoying. Starts off as a small snowball, then inexplicably starts chasing after you. And they're FAST. Your only hope is to run around and lure it into a rock or wall, where it'll break. But that'll only work if it's moving fast enough. The only sword that'll work on it is the Soul Blade, which you don't get till the very end of the game.
Snow Rat 8 65 Lair Hides in the snow, then comes out when you hit it with your sword. Fast, but weak.
Yeti 20 80 Lair Basic stupid, slow monster except it can sometimes rush at you.

Laynole Peak and Lake Lune

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Bat 14 75 Lair They fly in circles around you. They'll almost always keep out of your reach. The best way to beat them is to use Rotator once they're all circling you.
Green Slime 12 80 Lair Hops around quite quickly. Dangerous in groups, but still pretty easy.
Red Wizard 20 100 Lair Same as Wizard, except the fireball is actually three fireballs traveling straight and at 45 degree angles, plus the fireballs stay around as fire pillars for a little bit. A bit tougher; get them from behind.
Spike Statue 24 70 Normal They're almost always out of reach. They don't move. They'll flash, then four spikes will appear around you. If you stay still, they won't damage you. Use magic to get at them.
Star Spike - - Normal Just stands there. Hit it with your sword and it'll break into eight pieces which fly off into eight directions. But the pieces don't last long. Run away and you won't get hit.
Wizard 17 85 Lair They'll spin around (they're invincible while they're doing this) then teleport to another location, pause, and spit a fireball straight ahead. Hit them from diagonal while they're pausing. Not tough unless they appear in groups, which almost never happens.

Leo's Lab

Basement and Power Plant

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Broombot 24 140 Lair These guys will randomly stop and shoot in eight directions at once. It's almost impossible not to get hit; just grit your teeth and slash away.
Fangbot 14 145 Lair They'll stay where they are until you cross their path in the four directions, then they'll snap at you and return to their positions. Stay just outside their snapping range and slash. They're metal, so only the Zantetsu Sword can hurt them.
Helibot 18 160 Lair They'll fly towards you, put their helicopter blades away, and chase you slowly. Hit them with the long side of your sword while they're still in flight. Metal, so only the Zantetsu Sword can hurt them.
Inch Worm 18 150 Lair They only move horizontally or vertically, but they can jump over small pits, so watch out. Not too tough, though.
Speedbot 12 150 Lair Extremely fast. They'll hug the walls and zoom around. Your only hope is to stand in one place and keep slashing; they'll eventually reach you. Chasing them is NOT an option. Metal, so only the Zantetsu Sword can hurt them.
Spike Ball - - Normal They circle around pipes. Walk past them when they're under the pipe and you won't get hurt. If there are two Spike Balls one after another, wait until they've just gone under and just walk through and you'll make it.

Laynole Peak and Lake Lune

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Archer 20 170 Lair Very annoying. Most of them hide out behind walls, so use Light Arrow to get them. If you're close to them, a few slashes will do the trick. Get rid of them before tackling other enemies, because their arrows fly fast and far.
Bomber 30 180 Lair They stay in one spot and lob bombs at you. If you're close enough to them, the bombs will miss. You can't see them unless they're inside the range of the Soul of Detection.
Cavalry 24 175 Lair If they see you, they'll rush at you. Hit them with the long side of your sword.
Soldier 16 165 Lair Very fast, but weak. The only tough thing about them is that they just keep coming! Stay far enough away so that they stop blinking when they get to you and you're fine.
Spike Machine 36 160 Normal They trundle around horizontally, periodically shooting out spikes in front of them. They're invisible unless they're inside the range of the Soul of Detection. Get them from a diagonal.

Magridd Castle

Torture Chamber

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Ghost 22 700 Lair Other than the fact that they can teleport around (keep moving!) they're not tough. They can only be hurt with the Spirit Sword.
Skeleton 23 750 Lair Don't get too close or they'll slash you; go from a diagonal direction.
Snake 16 600 Normal If you cross their path in the four directions they'll rush at you. But they're smarter than most and won't rush unless you're exactly in their paths. Just slash them with the long side of your sword.
Spear - 800 Normal They pop out of walls at you. Just avoid them by timing properly. You can get them in one hit with the Soul Blade, but you don't get it till the very end of the game.
Steel Ball 20 900 Lair These blighters remind me of the little training ball from Star Wars. They zip around at incredible speeds and periodically shoot little rings at you. It's almost impossible not to get hit; just rush in and slash.

Left and Right Tower

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Chess Knight 28 850 Lair They'll jump, then stick out four spikes in the four directions, at which time they're invincible. Get them from diagonal directions. Tough if they gang up on you.
Golem 20 800 Lair Complete and utter jokes. Targets.
Grunt 30 750 Lair Again, don't get too close or you'll get sliced and diced. Not too tough.
Mimic 28 1000 Normal They look like ordinary chests until you turn your back on them, then GRRR! You'll get hit once or twice, but they're not tough.
Red Grunt 36 950 Lair They carry boomerangs which travel quite a way, and hit both to their front and right-hand side. Try to get them from the back if possible.
Trap Head - - Normal They shoot balls right at you, and quickly, too. They're a nuisance.

World of Evil

Picture Name HP EXP Type of Monster Info
Bug 23 3000 Lair They'll turn invisible except for their eyes (you can't hit them when they're like that) and scuttle back and forth, briefly turning visible when they change directions. Maneuver yourself so you're at the spot where they'll become visible, and slash.
Cyclops 45 2700 Lair The usual slow and stupid, but they can shoot very wide beams at you. Magic is the best bet.
Flare - - Normal Travels in an arch near the fiery walls. Not too hard to avoid.
Gargoyle Statue - - Normal The ultimate annoying statue shooter. It'll shoot a ball out in front of it, then the ball will stop, home in on your location, and travel in a straight line in that direction. Stay away if you can.
Roller 10 4000 Normal They roll until they hit a wall, and then they reverse direction. The only weapon which can hurt them is the Soul Blade, but then they're easy targets for easy experience.

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