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Picture Name Gems Used Effect Location
Flame Ball 2 The soul orbiting you will shoot a fireball in the direction you're facing. This spell is not very useful in tight corridors. Talk to the old man in the Trial Room.
Light Arrow 8 White shots shoot in straight lines in all four directions from the soul. In my opinion, this is by far the most useful magic in the game. Talk to the jewel in the Fire Shrine.
Magic Flair 8 Hold down the Y button to build up a pink ring (the longer you hold down the button, the bigger and stronger it gets) and then release the button; the ring will stay where it is and hit any enemy there. Talk to the mermaid in the left side room in the ocean palace in St. Elles.
Rotator 1 Hold down the button to make the soul rotate around quickly and decimate anything in its path. However, it consumes GEMs at a rate of about 3 or 4 GEMs per second, so watch out. Useful to defeat the Bats in the Mountain of Souls. In a chest in Laynole (near the Mountain of Souls).
Spark Bomb 8 The soul will lay four bombs in its path, which will later explode. Fairly useless, given the small range of the explosion. In Leo's Lab, use the Actidinia Leaves to get the cats out of the large room on the first floor. Then go inside the mouse hole and talk to the staionary mouse.
Flame Pillar 20 Four pillars will be laid in the soul's path. Like Spark Bomb, but the pillars can harm anything they touch for as long as they're still there (which is even longer than the Spark Bomb). Useful in close quarters, but has a heavy GEM cost. Once you get the Spirit Sword in Magridd Castle, return to the Light Shrine in GreenWood. Defeat the Spirit Ball lair to reveal the chest with this magic.
Tornado 8 Releases a tornado which flies around doing damage to enemies. Good to use when there are lots of enemies around. Once you get the Zantetsu Sword from Leo's Lab, return to Leo's Painting in Grass Valley. Beat the first Metalpus lair you reach to reveal the chest with the magic.
Phoenix 2 Pressing Y won't do anything, but every time you swing your sword a phoenix will fly straight out. You need to have this before you can enter Dazzling Space. The magic will only work using the Soul Blade. Collect the Red-Hot Stick, Red-Hot Rod, and Red-Hot Mirror and go back to the Mountain of Souls. Talk to the King to get the magic.

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