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How to Play Section

The basic controls for this game are the following: B is the "accept" key and swings your sword; Y is the "cancel" key and uses magic; X opens the main menu; A opens status (A again opens Souls screen, A again cancels); L or R uses telekinesis; Start shows location and lairs remaining. The attacking controls are the following: regular sword slash is B. Holding L or R holds your sword straight out in front of you, which allows you to pull gems toward you.

There are seven main areas in the game. Each area has a "village" section which starts out completely empty. Your job is to go into "dungeon" sections and defeat monster lairs. Below are examples of the various stages of the monster lairs.

This is a monster lair when it still active.

After all monsters in the lair are destroyed, the lair will turned into this, signaling a chance to seal it. Sealing it will result in the following: New path, new section in town, treasure, or another monster lair.

And this is the monster lair after it been sealed.

People released from the lair return to the villiage where you can communicate with them. Some effects of sealing a lair are the following: Some HPs are regain. Any monster destroy from any other lair will be restored.

Monstesr will drop gems that allow you to cast magic. Even if a gem is far away, you can still reach it using the L or R strafe command. Just beware that bigger gems take longer to obtain using this method.

Your base is a kind of temple. The temple starts out in every area with a single blue teleporter connecting the temple and the village area. You uncover new teleporters by beating lairs; the second teleporter connects to a dungeon somewhere, and the third teleporter is usually revealed right before the boss. When you enter your base, your HP is automatically refilled, and you can save or move to a different area by going up to the gold square at the top.

You cannot equip a new sword unless you're at the required level. Or rather, you can equip it but not swing it, so fat use that is. Some enemies cannot be defeated until you get the right sword. Also, different armors protect from different things (like water, fire, spikes, etc.) You usually must equip an item for it to have any effects; there's no "using" items here.

If you die, you end up back at the base with all your GEMs gone, unless you had a Strange Bottle equipped. If you die wearing a Medical Herb, your HPs are refilled (it's like an extra life).

Blue jewels usually give you free experience, and if found in dungeons allow you to return to the village area. The trip is one-way, though.

The most important thing to realize is that not all sides are equal. Blazer swings his sword rather strangely. If you aim for an enemy right in front of you or to your left, you'll hit it once. But if the enemy is to your right (even directly to your right), you can score two or more hits with one swing, because the sword stays there longer. Use this to your advantage as much as you can! I call your right side the "long side" of the sword. With all this info, you should be able to defeat Death Toll and his minions easily.

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