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Picture Name Info
Blazer The nameless hero (offical name is Blazer, so he goes by this here) who you will be playing throughout this game. He is the Master servent and seeks to restore the world that was destroyed by Death Toll's minions.
Master Blazer's Master, who instructs him to save the world. You never see him in the game, but he still helps you out every once in a while in the game.
Lisa Dr. Leo's daugher, who gives you her father's old brush. She returns later on after in Magrid Castle as a prisoner of the Queen.
Villiage Chief The chief of Grassland, who was imprisoned in a painting by Solidarm. After saving him, he gives you the brown stone.
Guardian of the Forest The Guardian of the Forest, who was imprisoned by DeathToll for hiding the Green Stone in his roots.
Mermaid Queen The queen of the mermaid was corrupted by the power of the Blue Stone, but after being captured by Deathtoll, she was able to break free and turn back to the side of good. She gives you the stone as a reward for saving her.
Gnome King The ruler of the gnomes is a helpful person, who not only release Nome from prison, but also summons the Phoenix after collecting the three Red Hot items.
Marie the Doll The caretaker of the Purple Stone was imprisoned at the bottom of Leo's Lab by Deathtoll.
Doctor Leo The creator of the many inventions in the game, along with being Lisa's father. He was captured at the begining of the game by King Magridd's soliders to build a machine to contact Deathtoll. Afterwards, he sacrifes to stop the Queen from killing his daughter.
Queen Magridd The insane queen of Magridd was driven by greed, which her husband the king provided. Even after being imprisoned by Deathtoll, she was still determine to get her way. Even going as far to stop Doctor Leo from destroying Deathtoll. She was killed in a explosion that took Leo's life.
King Magridd The once evil king of Magridd changed his tune after being betrayed by Deathtoll. After his wife died to her greed, he finally saw the error of his way and gave Blazer the Black Stone in order to stop Deathtoll once and for all.
Jewel Fairy Helpful fairies that guide you throughout the game. They are imprisoned in jewels, but if you get near one, then will appear and talk to you.
Death Toll The demon who imprisioned everyone in the world. NOt much else is know about him other then the fact he is evil.

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