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Picture Name Strenght Effects Location
Iron Armor 1 None In Grass Valley, go down the ivy south of the water mill and into the cave to pick it up.
Ice Armor 2 Can walk on fiery floors. Go through the middle of three mole holes in GreenWood. Use the Dream Rod on the stump and hit the lair to open a path. The armor is in a chest in the north of GreenWood.
Bubble Armor 3 Can walk under the sea. Talk to the mermaid in the ocean palace in St. Elles once you release her.
Magic Armor 4 Magic cast only costs half the normal amount of GEMs. Found in a chest on Aurora Mountain near the Mountain of Souls.
Mystic Armor 6 When hit, you're invincible for a longer time than usual. Once you have the Door Key in Leo's Lab, enter the lower left door and talk to the chest of drawers to get the armor.
Light Armor 8 Invincible against weak enemies from earlier levels. Found in a chest in the Power Plant in Leo's Lab.
Elemental Mail 10 Invincible against spikes and fiery floors. Use the Dream Rod on the sleeping soldier in Magridd Castle.
Soul Armor 12 Can walk inside Dazzling Space. Found in the second screen of the World of Evil.

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