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Picture Name HP EXP Info
Solid Arm 50 50 You can't hit Solid Arm from the same platform he's standing on; you have to get him from the conveyor belts. But once he stops moving, he'll fire at you! So you have to keep him moving. Move just beneath one of the side conveyors and he'll walk towards you. Wait until he fires a triple shot, then quickly go to the center conveyor, and stay near the top while you slash away. You can get 1-3 hits each time. When he gets too close, quickly run down the conveyor and repeat the process. It's long and tedious, like all boss battles.
Light Statue 50 30 First head left for the Light Statue to come alive. This one's pretty easy; just make sure you're diagonal to it and slash away. It'll shoot lightining four times, but none of them will hit you. When it shoots the fourth time, move away from it until it starts shooting again, then quickly get back into diagonal position. Repeat until it's dead.
Water Statue 50 30 After destroying the Light Statue, go to the right and the Water Statue will come alive. This one's ridiculously easy. Move towards the bottom of the screen (not at the very bottom), face right, and just keep slashing (turbo buttons work fine). You'll get hit a maximum of four or five times, and the guy will just die! Click here for a snapshot of the position I mean.
Fire Statue 50 30 After destroying the Light and Water Statue, the Fire Statue will come alive. You can do the same strategy with the Fire Statue, except you'll get hit sometimes. It is the easiest thing to do, though. Exchange the Shield Bracelet for the Medical Herb when you're almost dead, then switch back. He'll die in no time.
Ghost Head 75 200 The Ghost Head has two hands; you can beat the hands separately if you wish, but they'll come back to life. This will be a hard fight. The best way to get him is to stay at the top part of the boat, but at the lower end of that part. The boss will stay at the top while his hands grope after you. Slash away at them, but more important is running - they take off a LOT. The boss will then swoop in (that's when you hit it!) and shoot three fireballs, but if you're hitting him from the side and a bit up from his mouth, none of them will hit you. Note that the head takes off way less than the hands! Again long and tedious - good luck!
Poseidon 75 400 There are three indentations here: center, right, and left. That's where you'll be fighting. Here's the pattern: First he floats to one of those indentations, out of reach. He'll swing back and forth and shoot three fireballs from his spear. These are easy to dodge when you realize that it makes a difference which hand his spear is in. If it's in his left side, dodge to the right, and vice versa. Then he'll come in close and start swinging with his spear; it's very hard to dodge that, but this is the only time you can get in hits, so swing away! Then he'll go back out; make sure to stand very still right now! He''ll shoot two fireballs which turn inwards. If you're at the top of the indentation, move down, and vice versa; the fireballs will miss you. Then the pattern repeats. Unusually tedious, but not too tough.
Tin Doll 100 800 An even more tedious battle than the last, but way easier. Just keep moving, and there's no way this guy can hit you! Here's his pattern: He'll chase after you until you hit it once or twice. Then, he'll shoot a bunch of rockets into the air, then run to either the right side or left side (it can shoot slow-moving fireballs if you're too close), and teleport to the other side. Then repeat. It'll take a while, but you can do this without taking a single hit!
Dragon Bird 100 5000 This guy is tough strategically, but statistically you can now whip its butt thanks to your new Super Bracelet. You'll take a licking, but keep on ticking! You'll be blown to the back of the ship by a wind during the fight. He has two tactics - to dive at you diagonally (this is when you hit it) or shoot fire from the top of the ship. Under no circumstances let yourself slip below the steering wheel! When he dives, keep tapping the up directional button and the B button, and if you time it right you'll be just under him when you slash. You'll usually get hit, though. When he shoots fire, stay near the steering wheel. He'll go either left to right or vice versa, so if you walk left past a space in the pillars when he's going right, you're home free for that run. The timing is very tough. With a bit of perseverance and a Medical Herb, you should make it all right, but barely (I usually have one or two HP left when I win).

Last Boss - Deathtoll

Picture HP EXP Info
125 0 The big baddie. In his first form, he teleports around the top of the room and shoots out three fireballs, two of which come down and then buzz off in your direction, and one of which buzzes off in your direction at the start. The fight's a lot easier when you realize how short it is. Just stay in the top left, face right, equip the Soul Blade and Phoenix, and slash away.
??? 0 In his final form, Deathtoll will make four blue pillars appear. Hit them a few times with your sword or Phoenix; they'll disappear and leave behind GEMs. Don't bother getting them unless you really need them. As soon as the last pillar disappears, Deathtoll's eyes will turn green and he'll spit out three balls of fire; you can get 1-4 decent hits with the Phoenix in at this point, then run to a safe point. The safe points are just right or just left of center, or on the far side of either end. All this time the two jewels on either side of the will shoot little lasers at you; ignore them, because it's almost impossible to avoid them. Concentrate on avoiding the fireballs, don't get tempted by the GEMs (like I said, you should start with enough so you don't need them!) and you should be able to win without much of a problem. Congratulations!

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