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Talk to this guy when you come in town. Tell him you wanna buy a ship (you need one anyway).

He'll bring you here.

You'll learn about Lexis Shaia, an odd inventor. If you go around town, you'll hear many humourous, but unfortunate, accidents that happened because of a fault in his machines.

Go see him.

In town, you'll also hear about Forfeit Island , a town where there's a shop in which you'll be able to buy back everything you've sold or fed to one of your monsters. There's also, as she mentionned, a Casino.

After talking to Lexis, you learn about the engine. Unfortunately, you're going to need a very strong boat to hold it. Go see Jiad.

When you come back to Treadool, there's a new villager. She's not feeling very well though...

You'll bring her back home and put her to rest.

To save her some trouble and since you have nothing better to do, you decide to go find the flower which she so desperately tried to get.

In the Flower Mountain you'll find the Capsule Monster Raddisher. Be sure to look for him.

When you get here, you wanna get to the other side so drop down

Go left

Down again. Do the opposite when you wanna cross back from the top left ledge.

This is the flower you were looking for. Right before it though is a boss. Its a big rose. Its pretty easy to kill. It does an attack that strikes all your characters and may poison them and put them to sleep. Use fire based magic and weapons for maximum damage. The burn sword should be useful.

When you bring it back to Leefa, you'll give it a name. If you played the original Lufia game, you'll understand what this flower's name means.

Go find Lexis at the port . Your ship's ready

He'll also join your party. He's a very powerful spell caster.

Forfeit information

Behold Forfeit. You'll find it to the south west of Treadool.
Here's the casino
You can play slot machines, blackjack , play various other games and shop in here. For you emulator users, enjoy the save/load commands.
There's also the VIP room which you'll be able to enter once you complete your next quest.
And this is the infamous pawn shop. It doesn't have a sign and its in the basement of the small house to the right of the town's entrance.

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