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You start off in Elcid. Maxim talks to Tia.

Tia gives you your money, gets pissed off and goes in the back. Talk to her again if you wanna shop.

As you leave, you'll meet an old man who invites you to come to the cave south of Elcid to teach you a few skills, do so.

This is pretty easy. About half way through the practice cave, you'll get the reset spell.

Head back to Elcid. Tia will be waiting for you, and you'll have some navaroa, the phantom fish.

After tea, head out and you'll hear some distressing news.

Buy a rapier from Tia if you haven't already and then go to the Cave to Sundletan to the north.Buy the Strong spell for Maxim. Gaining levels is not necessary for now.

Inside, there's a man who says he saw a strange woman go inside the cave. You'll find out who she is later.

Always be on the lookout for secret passages like this one.

Talk to the boss to start the fight. He isn't hard. Use a potion if you get too low on HP.

Win the fight and you get the key that will open the locked door leading to Sundletan.

You'll meet Iris and learn of your destiny. You can go directly to Sundeltan if you don't want to have an extra sequence with Tia .

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