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You can get through the tower; the blocks have lowered, thus giving you access.Be sure to go back up the tower to Camu's room for those 3 chests, they're worth it.

Talk to the villagers and you will quickly discover your next mission

Rochy wants the Ruby Apple, located in the cave north of Clamento.

You'll be able to access the next capsule monster, by completeing this puzzle.

This is your reward for solving the Switches Puzzle.

To get to these chests, do this

The key is here

As soon as you get close to the Ruby Apple you are attacked by the boos. He has 2000 HP and he can be pretty hard if you aren't ready. Equip Guy with the Camu Armor and the Fire Dagger.Use the Dagger's IP (3X the damage) .Equip Maxim with the Insect Crush and make Tia cast spark and strong when needed. It would also be wise to equip Tia with a mini shield so she can cast the Battle Lust IP on Maxim ang Guy to boost their ATP.

Enough said.

After the fight, go into the back. You'll learn the truth about the Ruby Apple, and Maxim will up with a scam.

You will be rewarded handsomely for the Ruby Apple and you can now go to Parcelyte.

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