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Make your way to Tanbel, north of the shrine.

As you enter you'll soon meet up with Hilda, the girl from the shrine, and you'll introduce yourself.

And you'll also meet Guy, the hero of the village, and Hilda's brother.To thank Maxim, Hilda goes to cook some food, and Guy goes out training out in the back of the town. Take a nap at the inn and buy some new equipment.

When your ready, go meet Guy in the back. He will challange you to a match.

But as soon as you're about to start, bad news.

You'll fight some Followers . Very easy fight. Just keep hitting them with Guy and Maxim, and use Tia's magic if you want to.

After you defeat them, the man will dissapear and bring along a hostage.Head for the tower southeast of here.

In this tower, if you go outside and find yourself stuck because there is no path, its probably because you haven't lowered the platform for that spot yet. Do so and you can cross - as shown in the picture.

To get to the switch, you'll have to find your way here. To get to the switch, you'll encounter a few puzzles. Go here for solutions.

Eventully, you'll get the sky key and will be able to access the door to the boss.

Over the bridge...

You'll meet Camu

He can be quite hard if you donlt have much HP. Kukri (and its IP attack) and Flash are useful since he's vulenerable to lightning damage.. Camu has exactly 1,500 HP.

After you defeat him, he'll have one more dirty trick up his sleve....

After all that's over, you'll have a talk with Guy... He'll believes you'll need him, and he'll officially join your party

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