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You got company

The same old tricks...

They'll brag about their fighting and "thieving" skills and open the door

Heal and save in the cell next to yours. When you exit the room you're in, you'll face 4 crappy guards that kicked the crap out of the 2 nitwits.

There aren't any major brain teasers in this dungeon, if you do have problems though, check the puzzle section.

This doesn't have much of a point in the walkthrough, but its funny.

First you'll fight 4 more of these guys

Then you'll have to fight the tank. Its not a hard fight but he can hit pretty hard , he has a lot of hp and often attacks all members of your party. He'll usually do a "checking situation" move before attacking. That means he's charging up; that's a lost turn for every attack, so that gives you the chance to heal your guys. A single member attack will do around 450 in damage, or a party attack will do in the 200s.

You'll get your engine, but the leader's gonna be so pissed off, he'll blow up the castle

Selan'll warp you to protravia

Lexis and Kirmo will install the new engine and you'll learn about your next destination : Narvick

You can fly now.

In case you're wondering what happened to them

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