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Toran Castle Service

The Liberation Army, after traveling with Camillie and Tai Ho into the basement of Toran Castle, the group meets with fearsome Zombie Dragon, the source of the fog around the old castle. After beating it, they take over the castle, where the Liberation Army soon grows in size there. There are four castle stages, which are detail in the section found here. All characters can be found here when not in battle, some are useless, other are doing a service, which you can below.


Armor Shop

In the store next to Chalder is Chapman, which sells armor from all over the world. As with Chapman, visiting each armor shop will increase his stock which you can purchase back at the castle. If you need to know what his stock is, check out the armor page on the lefthand side.

Bath House

Found on the second floor is the bath house, where you can take a dip in the hot water and relex. Any recovered antiques that have been identified can be placed on the wall in the bath at any time.

Blacksmith Forge

On the second floor lies the blacksmith workshop, where five different blacksmiths of various skills work their trade for a price. The various levels of the blacksmith depends on the crafter, with Maas being the weakest, while Mace is the strongest. More on their skill level and the weapon power in the Blacksmith section of the shrine.

Card Game

Found on the third floor is George, who allows you to play a game of card for free. It a simple match game you can play to kill time at will. More on this game can be found in the Mini-Game section.


Located on every floor of the castle is the evalator that inventor Sergei has created. Using it makes travel in the castle a lot easier, plus you can recruite him eariler in the game.


Found on the first floor is the game of Chinchorin, which if you had to play Tai Ho against in order to sail to Toran Castle. Another game of gambling is Marco's Cup Game, found on the third floor. Marco puts a ball in one of his cups and you bet on the one that contains the ball. More on both minigames can be found in the upcoming Mini-Game section.

Item Shop

Chalder has a wide selection of good from around the world, which acually has everything from each item shop you visit. Check the item page for a list of all stuff at the item shops, and the rune page for all purchasable runes. You can find his shop on the first floor.


Located in the third floor is the libary, where Hugo stores all the old books you have collected throughout the game. Talking to him allows you to read a section of the books, containing facts and history within.


On the third floor of the castle is trouble painter, Ivanov. He looking for a project to create, but lacks the paint to do so. So scout out the shops in the game and buy him the paint he needs. Once he is done, you will receive the binoculars if you give him all the paint he needs to complete his masterpiece.

Party Change

On the fourth floor lies the office of Mathiu, stratigist for the Liberation Army and a near by room, Sanchez, survivor of the the orignal rebellion. Both are willing to change party members out at any time in the game. Mathiu also might be in the war room, where you might have to conduct a major battle against foes.

Rune Shop

On the first floor of the castle is a rune shop run by the ditsy girl, Jeane. She can attach runes to you for a small fee, but lacks the ability to sell you runes. More on runes can be found in that section of the shrine.

Sound Setting

Found on the roof of the west tower is a girl who change the sound that plays whenever you talk to someone. Below is a list of all the sounds she has and how to obtain it.

Name Sound Type Location
Normal Defult Sound Melodye has it with her.
Voice People Voices Sound Setting 0 from Soniere Prison
Animal Animal Sounds Sound Setting 1 from Neclord Castle
Wind Gusts of Wind Sounds Sound Setting 2 from Seek Valley
Percussion Instrument Sounds Sound Setting 3 from Siren (Shazarade)

Sound Test

Located on the roof of the west tower is Kasios, the singer. She will allow you to listen to the music of the game at anytime. Just remember that not all music from the game will appear here, so don't get disappointed.


In the basement of the castle is loony Viki, the girl who has the gift to teleport you anywhere in seconds. Her magical gift is a blessing to you, as she can to teleport you to any place you visited before in the game. Below is a listing of all towns and dugeons she can warp you to.

Antei Burnt Village of the Elves Dragon's Den
Dragon Knight's Fortress Dwarf Trail Garan
Great Forest Gregminster Kaka
Kalekka Kirov Kouan
Lenankamp Liukan's hermitage Lorimar
Maravia Neclord's Castle Northern Checkpoint
Pannu Yakuta Pirate's Fortress Qlon
Rikon Rockland Scarleticia
Secret Factory Seika Shasarazade
Soniere Teien Vault
Village of the Dwarves Warrior's Village -


Talking to Rock will allow you to place unwanted items in the vault. The vault can hold a number of stuff inside, which you can withdraw at anytime in the game. You can also strip character of equipment by talking to Rock too.

Window Setting

Found on the roof of the west tower is a man who change the appearence of the text window. Below is are images of the various types of windows and where to obtain them.

Picture Name Location
Defult Window has it with him.
Rose Window Setting 0 from Secret Factory
Gold Crown Window Setting 1 from Scaretia
Chain Window Setting 2 from Dragon Knight Fortress
Chain Window Setting 3 from Sunshine King (Dragon Den)

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