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Major Battles

Major battles in Suikoden 1 are conducted like a grand game of rock, scissors, paper, with rock being charge units, scissors being bow, and paper being magic. Other words, charge beats bow (but bow still get to attack), bow beats magic, and magic beats charge. Also included are other command options, like thiefs, ninjas, stratgists, dragon knights, and more. To see all the units for both sides, then go to the Army Units section or click on the sidebar. Just beware of one thing while in major battles, which is if any character is in a losing unit (say Luc gets hit by bow), then they might die in battle. This will mess up your 108 ranking, so reset if this happens. You can tell if they die if they make a comment after the failed attack.

After the return of Humphery and Sanchuz following the destruction of the Elf Villiage, the Liberation Army makes a effort to attack Pannu Yakuta Castle, stronghold of Kwanda Rosman, one of the Five Generals of Barbarosa.

Since this is your first major battle, you might want to save at the Elf Villiage ruins first, as you might mess up here. Anyway, the battle isn't hard if you play your cards right by using thiefs to determine his attacks. He has no special units in this battle, meaning you only have to deal with charge, bow, and magic attacks. He uses charge more often then the rest, but if in doubt, use bow attacks with Kirkis's group, as they will not get killed by a charge, but also hurt them too.

Once Flik and his men join up with the Liberation Army, they decide to attack the gate into Milch's land in order to save his fellow men.

Like Pannu Yakuta, the Fortress of Garen doesn't use any special attacks, but do not have a strong general like Kwanda to back them up. You are stronger them at the start of the battle, meaning this battle isn't too hard to win using strategys from the above battle.

Following the fall of the Fortress of Garen, Flik decides to attack Milch's base of operation, scarleticia.

You can't win this battle, as Milch's special attack, the Poisonous Pollen will wipe out your army with one strike. With that, Mathiu issues the order to retreat for now.

Rematch time against Milch's forces. But this time, you have protection against the rose.

This battle should be pretty easy, but remember to watch out for Milch Attack, which is simlar to the magic attacks from eariler. Just keep up the strategies from the first two fights and you should beat Milch at last.

Following your successful battle against Milch, you will get a unexpected challage...from your dad. Before going to battle, make sure Pahn is up to level 30 and has the best armor and black smith upgrade.

Another unwinnable battle, which takes three turns to be declared over. Doesn't matter what you use, the armored cavalry will defeat them anyway. After the battle, Teo will challage Pahn to a duel, which he can die in, unless you manage to beat him.

After obtaining the firespears up north, you will finally be allowed to take on Teo's group again.

This is the easiest fight in the game. Just use any charge unit and they will wipe out the armored cavalry like it nothing. Prepare for another duel against Teo afterwards, which you will easily win.

Shortly after the trip to the Dragon's Den, you receive word Viktor and Warren have been capture. But first you must enter the Northen Checkpoint.

Another easy battle, since Griffith wasn't warned of a attack on his base. Which means you have a small group of soliders to beat, which uses basic attacks on you.

Sonya's floating fortress is the last gateway leading into Gregminister, which means you must take it out. Before going here, do make sure you have all characters or else you will not get the special ending.

Sonya's forces are pretty good, but nothing you seen before. Just watch out for Sonya's powerful magic, but since you probably have a number of ninjas by now, you would have predicted it way before she uses it on you.

The last major battle, which is the captial of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Gregminister. The mysterious Yuber has been put in charge of the army of 100,000 units...but I think it will end up being 20,000 in the end.

As with Sonya's fight, you will have to deal with some powerful magic from Yuber's forces. But since should have everyone at this point, you should easily beat his forces down and be able to enter Gregminister and beat the game.

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