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Picture Name Info Treatment
Balloons If a monster attachs three balloons on the character's head, then they will float off the screen and be consider out of the fight. Only way to pervent this is either defeat all monsters to end the battle or used needle or cure items on the victim. Needle or Healing Winds
Bucket If a bucket is dumped on your head, then you will lose some hit percention, causing you to miss more often then normal. It will faded away after couple turns or at the end of the fight. Wait a couple turns
Knock Out If you lose all your hps in battle or are hitted by a instant death spell, then you will be knocked out. You are consider dead when knocked out will not be able to fight or do anything until you are healed after battle or a rune spell is used to revive you. If all characters are knocked out, then it game over. Medicine (after battle) or Sacrificial Buddha
Normal This is the status you are at normally. Not much else can be said about this status type, except you will be in it a lot. None
Paralysis If paralysised by an monster, you will be unable to do anything until the effects wear off. Unlike unbalanced, you can't defend or use items when you are paralysised. Can be removed either using the cure item or waiting a few turns for the effects to go away. Healing Winds
Poison If poisoned by a monster, you will recieve a certain number of damage at the end of each turn, depending on the type of poison. It will also occur on the overworld for a while, until the victim is cured with antidote or loses enough hps for it to fade away. Antidote or Healing Winds
Silent When silenced, you will be unable to cast any spells for the time being. It can be cured by another party member using the Mother Ocean or Yell spell. The effects will not carry over the next fight. Mother Ocean or Yell
Unbalance If unbalanced by a monster or rune effect, then you will be unable to fight the next turn. You can still use items or defend when unbalanced, but will not be able to use any spells either. After one turn of being unbalanced, the character will returned to normal status. Wait one turn

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