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The armor page is organized by name, armor stats, location, and buy and sell rate. Certain armor can also be equipped to only certain characters. For example, you can equip heavier armor to Humphrey because he is a former imperial soldier, but not Tengaar, because she is a magician.

The letters found in the location represent a town found in the game. A list of all those towns can be found at the bottom of this page.


Name Power Location Buy Sell
Bandanna 1 G, To 50 25
Full Helmet 20 Wv, To 13200 6600
Half Helmet 9 A, Dv, Ki, To 3300 1650
Headband 2 Ev, G, L, R, To 300 150
Head Gear 14 A, Ki, To, Wv 6500 3250
Horned Helmet 35 Gregminister Palace None 21500
Pointed Hat 5 Ev, K, L, To 1200 600
Silver Hat 27 Gb, To 27000 13500


Name Power Location Buy Sell
Brass Armor 5 Dv, K, L, To 1000 500
Dragon Armor 34 Gb, Ki, Wv, To 37000 18500
Full Armor 45 Gb, Wv, To 57000 28500
Guard Robe 7 Ev, K, To 1700 850
Half Armor 18 Dv, To 8700 4350
Karate Uniform 10 Ko, To 3000 1500
Leathor Armor 14 Dv, Ko, To 5900 2950
Leather Coat 4 G, K, L, R, To 700 350
Magic Robe 22 A, Ev, To 15000 7500
Master Garb 55 Shasarazade None 46500
Master Robe 37 Gb, To 78000 39000
Ninja Suit 28 A, Ki, To 22000 11000
Robe 1 G, To 100 50
Taikioku Wear 48 Moravia None 40000
Tunic 2 G, L, R, To 200 100
Windspun Armor 63 Gregminster Palace None 60000


Name Power Location Buy Sell
Chaos Shield 27 Ki, To 32000 16000
Earth Shield 45 Gb, To 68000 34000
Steel Shield 13 Ko, To 7300 3650
Wooden Shield 2 K, R, To 300 150

Antei A
Dwarf Villiage Dv
Elf Villiage Ev
Great Forest Gf
Gregminister (start of game) G
Gregminister (after last major battle) Gb
Kaku K
Kirov Ki
Kobold Villiage Kv
Kouan Ko
Lenankamp L
Rikon Ri
Rockland R
Sanady S
Seika Se
Teien T
Toran Castle To
Warrior Villiage Wv

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