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Picture Name HP Bits Location Info
Golem 300 1500 Magician's Island Have Gremio and Pahn use their unite attack, while Tir, Ted, and Cleo use their regular attacks. It average attacks are nothing and it will die shortly after two turns. You will receive a medicine for your trouble.
Queen Ant ? ? Mt. Seifu You must survive three rounds against the Queen Ant in order to defeat it. It will use powerful earth attacks and summon ants to fight you. After three turns, you will have a cut scene, then Ted will enter battle alone and kill it using the Soul Eater Rune.
Varkas 220 350 Mt. Seifu Varkas enters the battle with Sydonia by his side. Compare to his partner, he is slower, but hits harder. Save him for last and take out his friend first.
Sydonia 140 350 Mt. Seifu Sydonia is faster then his partner Varkas, but is not as powerful. When you fight the two, take Sydonia out first, as his speed will be a problem in the long run.
Zombie Dragon 2500 2000 Toran Castle This powerful dragon uses hit all fire attack that does heavy damage. It also uses it jaws to bite you. To kill it, have Cleo use her most powerful fire rune spells, Tir use his best Soul Eater rune, Tai Ho attack with spear, Camilie with spear, Gremio with axe, and Viktor with clone rune. It will be a hard fight, but you will win. By the way, there is a slight chance of getting a lightning rune after beating him.
Assassin ? ? Toran Castle This ninja attacks Tir when he alone in the castle. You must survive three rounds against this ninja, using attacks or just defending. After three turns, he will run away.
Gigantes 4000 3000 Dwarves' Vault At the end of Dwarf Vault is a mutant named Gigantes. This powerful mutant has two types of attacks, either pounding a character with his hammer, or switching to demon head and hitting all with an energy ring. But thankfully he a joke, since Viktor can use his clone rune, Valeria can use her falcon rune, Cleo if with you use her best rune spell, Kirkis hit with arrow, and Tir and Gremio using regular attacks. After a couple of turns, the mutant will perish.
Dragon 6000 3500 Pannu Yakuta Castle Instead of finding Kwanda inside his throne room, you meet his pet dragon, named Dragon. The dragon can hit you with fire to all characters or slash one person in the front row. Have Viktor and Valeria use their attack runes, while Kirkis attacks with bow, and with Kuromimi, Tir, and Gremio using regular attacks to finish off this dragon. On a last note, there a chance of getting a free half armor for beating this boss.
Anji 1800 600 Pirate's Den The leader of the three pirate you fight is average strength, but not very tough at all. He is fast, but he shouldn't last long after a few Fisher Trio unite, along with a few slashes of the other party's weapons.
Kanak 2400 600 Pirate's Den The toughest of three pirates has a large amount of hps and defense. He will take a while to beat down, but a few hits from Fisher Trio, and your best attacks and he will die.
Leonardo 1400 600 Pirate's Den The weakest of the pirates is also the quickest. Leonardo is usually first to strike, but his low hps means he will last after all the spells that hit his leader and partner.
Neclord 7500 10000 Neclord Castle Neclord is a tough boss to kill, as he starts off immune to all attacks, until Viktor hits him, allowing you harm him. However, do not think it will be easy, as Neclord can drain people of their blood (causing poison), summon a rain of lightning, or fire a sonic boom to hit everyone. Best bet is to bring along a good magic user equipped with the water rune, using the cure spells to cure any damage Neclord causes. All other members use best magic or rune attacks on this runic vampire.

Crystal Core 10000 70000 Seek Valley This strange orb is flank by a set of crystals at first. When it still protected, it will attack using the crystals as arms to hit everyone. However, once he loses 5000 hps, he will transform into a red ball that rains down powerful lightning on everyone. During both forms, it best to use physical attacks on anyone who doesn't care a magic rune, and have a strong magic user cast their best spells on it. He not hard, but his many forms will leave trouble at times for anyone.
Shell Venus 15000 100000 Shazarazade This is a tough fight, as not only Shell Venus can attack everyone with lighting, but you must consume some magic of your own, as another boss fight occurs after it. Anyway, besides the lightning, Shell Venus can also hit one person with a piece of pearl that can hurt a bit. So while consuming magic, use at least one Judgment from Tir, and the best attacks from everyone else. Just remember to keep some magic for Sonya and keep your party healed up, and you will beat this creature.
Sonya Shulen 6000 1500 Shazarazade Don't think for a second that this pretty girl is going to hold back on you. For Sonya is a very hard boss, as your hps and magic will be weaken from the Shell Venus fight. She has two attacks, one is a nasty bubble attack that hurt a lot, and the second is her duel sword attack. Use the best magic on her and watch out, as she is very fast and can counter attack your sword, so keep the cure magic going in order to win this hard fight.
Ain Gide 8000 2000 Gregminster This is an easy fight, as Ain is very slow and you do not have to fight any monsters prior to fighting him. He has only two attacks, sword slash and fireball, with sword being medium damage, and the fireball hitting everyone for a good damage. However, since you can leave after this fight, I suggest having anyone with magic using their best attacks while the others use their rune or attack normal. Keep it up and he will be toast in two turns.

Last Boss - Golden Hydra

Picture HP Bits Location Info
30000 None Gregminster Palace Emperor Barbarosa has turned himself into a giant hydra using his sword, and it your job to defeat this golden emperor. He is very hard, as you got three heads to kill, each with a different attack pattern. The left head is your target, as he can heal up the group and revive dead heads. The middle uses lightning attacks a lot, but is not much of a problem. In addition, the right head uses earth and fire spells on you. Also used is a unite attack that does heavy damage. Each head has 10000 hps, so use your best moves to destroy the left head first, then the middle, and finally the right. Good luck, as you will need it.

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