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Picture Name Bio
Ain The guardian of the Fortress of Kwaba, seperating the captial of the Scarlet Moon Empire from the world. He is a old friend of Teo, but why did he let Tir go when he sneaked by in diguise?
Barbarosa The Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire is not as fearsome as some made out, but still rules the corrupted country with his five generals.
Dwarf Chief Leader of the dwarfs who at first dislikes the elfs and the rebellion, until you prove the empire stole blue print from within his sealed vault. His weaponary proves useful when it blows up the Flaming Mirror.
Hanzo The leader of the Rokkaku ninjas was forced into hiding after Teo destroyed his clan's hometown. But neverless, he made a effort to survive and show up in the final battle with the Liberation Army.
Kanaan Another corrupt officer of the Empire who at the start of the game works for Kraze. But by the time you fight to control Gregmister, he has became the head general of the army.
Kraze A corrupt officer in the Scarlet Moon Empire who is proof of the corruption. He hates Tir, and after a few missions, issues a warret for his arrest. He appear later as the new military later of a small town, where you can decide his fate.
Leknaat A wise sear who is blinded due to her sister, Windy. She has lived a long time thanks to the Gate Rune, which Windy wants. She will offer advice throughout the game at critical times.
Neclord Once a human who misused the Moon Rune, causing him to became a powerful vampire with the ability to stand in daylight with no problems. He can create clones of himself to protect his life and tends to chose his brides by attacking small villiages.
Star Dragon Sword Once it was the Night Rune, the True Rune that allows the night to exist, but over time it changed into a powerful sword that is capable to defeat any undead creature...too bad he can't keep his mouth shut to do the job most of the time.
Teo Tir's father who is also one of the Five General for Emperor Barbaros. When he leaves to fight against the Jowston City State in the north, his son decides to join the Liberation Army in order to fight the man he serves.
Windy The court mage of the Scarlet Moon Empire, she is secertly the real power behind the country. Using her likeness of Barbarosa's late wife to her order to gain power and continue her hunt for the Soul Eater Rune.
Yuber A mysterious knight who some say does not move at all, but instead glide through the air. He has seen many battles and is always present in most events throughout the timeline.
Zorak The boring chief of the Warrior Villiage who has been plagued by the recent attacks by the runic vampire, Neclord. His daughter Tengaar is next to be the unholy vampire's bride.

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