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Army Units

Liberation Army

Pictures Group Name Members Unit Type Attack Power Note
Adventurers Lorelai, Quincy, Mina Bow 17 All members can die in combat.
Archers Rubi, Georges, Marco Bow 8 Rubi can die in combat.
Bandits Varkas, Sydonia, Kessler Charge 21 Kessler can die in combat.
Black Golds Maas, Meese, Mose Charge 15 No members can die in combat.
Carpenters Gen, Kamandol, Tesla Charge 14 All members can die in combat.
Children of the Rune Crowley, Luc, Lotte Magic 25 All mebers can die in combat.
Commander's Team Tir, Pahn, Gremio Charge 26 No members can die in combat.
Cooks Antonio, Lester, Rock Bow 14 Antonio and Lester can die in combat.
Dragon Knights Joshua, Milia, Futch Special None A powerful magic attack that invulable to death.
Engineers Sergei, Hugo, Templeton Bow 12 No members can die in combat.
Experts Clive, Pesmerga, Mace Bow 19 Clive and Pesmerga can die in combat.
Fellows Blackman, Zen, Ivanov Charge 21 Blackman and Zen can die in combat.
Fishermen Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Kimberly Charge 19 No members can die in combat.
Forest Protector Kirkis, Sylvinia, Stallion Bow 21 No members can die in combat.
Former Imperial Team Kasim, Griffith, Valeria Charge 22 All members can die in combat.
Good Buddies Marie, Onil, Sansuke Charge 16 No members can die in combat.
Humphrey's Team Humphrey, Alen, Grenseal Charge 24 Alen and Grenseal can die in combat.
Invulnerable Defense Kwanda, Eikei, Gaspar Charge 21 All members can die in combat.
Knight Party Max, Sancho, Qlon Charge 30 Sancho and Max can die in combat.
Kobolds Fu Su Lu, Kuromimi, Gon Charge 13 Fu Su Lu can die in combat.
Lepant Family Lepant, Eileen, Sheena Charge 26 Eileen and Sheena can die in combat.
Magicians Jeane, Hellion, Viki Magic 20 No members can die in combat.
Merchants Kun To, Chapman, Chandler Special None Slight chance of recruiting enemy troops.
Musicians Kasios, Melodye, Window Magic 14 No members can die in combat.
Narcists Milich, Vincent, Esmeralda Magic 18 All members can die in combat.
Ninja Kage, Kusumi, Fuma Special None Always tells you the next enemy attack.
Old Soldiers Kai, Liukan, Fukien Charge 24 No members can die in combat.
Pirates Anji, Leonardo, Kanak Charge 23 All members can die in combat.
Secret Factory Team Moose, Bell, Sarah Charge 14 Bell and Sarah can die in combat.
Soldier Beauties Sonya, Cleo, Camille Magic 20 Sonya can die in combat.
Strategists Mathiu, Leon, Apple Special None Doubles attack power of charge units.
Thieves Krin, Ledon, Giovanni Special None Slight chance of getting next enemy attack or stealing money.
Tricksters Juppo, Jabba, Meg Charge 6 Juppo and Meg can die in combat.
Viktor's Team Viktor, Warren, Taggart Charge 23 Warren and Taggart can die in combat.
Warrior Villiage's Kids Flik, Tengaar, Hix Charge 17 No members can die in combat.
Wild Geese Kreutz, Morgan, Kirke Charge 24 All members can die in combat.

Scarlet Moon Empire

Picture Attack Name Strong Against Weak Against Info
Armored Cavalry Everything Firespears The Armored Cavalry will defeat any attack durning the first major battle against Teo. It not until the second match where you have firespears is when you can defeat them.
Bow Attack Magic Charge Does heavy damage to magic units, in which they can't counter. Use charge attacks to put a hurt whenever they use bows.
Charge Attack Bows Magic Charge attacks will hurt your archer if attack you, but you do get to counter the attack. Use magic on the charging units to fry them.
Magic Attack Charge Bows Powerful black magic that kills any charging units with no chances to counter. Use bow and arrows on the magicians to hurt them.
Milich Attack Charge Bows Similar to the regular army magic attack, Milich Attack replaces his Poisonious Pollen in the second battle for Scarletia. As with magic attack, it has the same offense and defense.
Poisonous Pollen Everything None Milch's powerful poison attack that wipes out your army in the first fight for Scaretica. The next fight you have with Milch, the pollen will not work, allowing you to win the fight.
Sonya Charge Bows Magic Sonya goes into battle charging in this personal attack of her. Too bad it not anything different from the regular charge, meaning magic blows it away.
Sonya Magic Charge Bows Sonya also uses her magic attack often as well. Again same rules apply, but it more often used in battle then her charge, so get the bow attacks ready.
Teo Charge Everything Firespears A mixture of Armored Cavalry and a regular Charge attack, the Teo Charge does heavy damage in the first fight against him. Unlike normal charges, the cavalry is immuned to magic and hurts everything.
Yuber Charge Bows Magic Yuber's personal charge attack is no different from a regular charge attack, meaning it has the same weakness.

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