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This shrine could not have been made without the huge amount of help provided by the various FAQ writers and their own helpers. This section is larger than usual due to that unique nature of this shrine. I did not note multiple instances of credits (e.g. people who credited other FAQs used on this shrine, Enix/tri-Ace, God, etc.) We all love all of you! 8-) I noted all credits from the FAQ, even for things which weren't actually used in this shrine.

Cidolfas's Thanks

First off, a large, generic credit must go to Ian Kelley, Matt Hobbs, Sir Aronar, and Sherwin Tam. Although they all contributed whole sections, there are also various aspects, facts, and tips that were gleaned from their FAQs and are too numerous to note specifically. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks to Vercingetorix; his weapons guide was a good reference (although nothing was taken directly from it). The same goes for Ragnarok's Fun City FAQ and Jack N.'s item FAQ.

Thanks to Rena-chan for the original maps used in the Cave of Trials as well as the world maps, and for the tip about the Silver Trumpet's melody.

Cenyc Oakskin sent in the information about which items Iselia-queen leaves behind.

Matt Hobbs and Sir Aronar were responsible for the Misc. Item Creation page, most of the Metalwork page, and many other helpful facts throughout the site.

Darrick C. Mattsen was responsible for the Compounding and Cookbook pages.

Another Gamer was responsible for the Spell Absorption page.

Michael Welch was responsible for some of the info in the Emotional Levels section.

Ian Kelley's Thanks

Ian Kelley was responsible for the Private Action list and numerous other tips.

Takahiko Naito, for tons of little details, easter eggs, and info here and there, basically all the details on Opera and Ernest, and for giving me the URLs of lots of SO2nd BBS sites.
TAKESHI (, for information on some of the skills and pointing out that you don't need Chisato in your party to find the Secret Information.
MAKISHI (, for information on specific KJD [Emotional Level] changes in the Private Actions.

Sherwin Tam's Thanks

Sherwin Tam was responsible for the Skills, Specialties, Super Specialties, and Talent pages, as well as many of the entries in the Strategies section.

GameFAQs (, one of the greatest places to find information on any game out there. There are a whole bunch of FAQs on SO2 now, so anything you might ask is probably there.

Elizabeth M. Hollinger and James M. Rantkos, writers of Prima's ( strategy guide for Star Ocean 2. Their guide's visual walkthroughs were immensely helpful in getting me through the game quickly while gathering more information.

All you people on, esp. Laura Parkinson, Sean Chang, Tetsuya, Robert Geiger, and the esteemed Ian Kelley for the SO2 discussion.

All of you who have sent in comments or corrections to my guide. There are too many people to really fit and keep the size down, but if you have sent me info, thank you!

Edward Chang's Thanks

Edward Chang was responsible for the character pages and voice list.

Setzer X for various tips and tricks
Jonathan Hensley for an alternate use for Head Splitter
Dan GC for several corrections on Dias's Killer Moves and MUCH help on the voice collection
Stting 77 for input on Firebird Shock Wave
James Sigountos for many voices and the Eternal Sphere trick
MorbdLord for many voices
rt for Indalecio's voice samples
Preston Maxey for many corrections on Rena's samples
Dias Flac for assorted voice samples, Dias tidbit, and ending info
Matt LeVan for the Press insta-kill technique
Brett for some Claude quotes
G Nocide for many quotes, especially Bowman and Noel, and the Bloody Armor trick, Dream Peace trick, and another money-maker
YelseyKing for alternate spell quotes and the Peep Non correction
John Liu for finishing up the quotes
Deona Lindholm for several quote corrections and the Algol trick.

Dan Grobar's Thanks

Dan Grobar was responsible for the Customization page.

Remi Fontaine aka "Killerdog" <>
He contributed a couple of combinations. Okay, so maybe he was wrong about the Flare Gun (a section devoted to that particular debacle will be included later), but as far as I know, Guard Sword + Iron DOES equal Shield Sword, so thanks for that. Soon, I'll see if I can confirm/discount this.

"Tonfa Baton" <> He told me where to find the Bastard Sword. Never mind that I already had one by then... how was he supposed to know? It's the thought that counts, right? Thanks anyway. Oh, and later on he reminded me to include the Worn-Out Sword. Whew, wouldn't want to forget THAT!

"Vilurum" <?email?> Pointed out that I had listed SDUGA Punch as "UGA Punch + Rainbow Diamond" instead of "UGA Punch + Meteorite," and that I said "Ruby Rod + Star Ruby = Dragon's Tusk" instead of "Holy Rod + Star Ruby." I didn't believe him at first, but after checking my FAQ and looking at my charts it turned out that I had indeed listed them wrong. I would've never noticed it, so THANK YOU!!!

BristalC <> from the GameFAQs message board, for instantly jumping down my throat and abusing me when I was a newbie. But in doing so, he inadvertently inspired me to prove my merits by finishing this guide which Id shelved a few months previously. YaY!

Tenchisama <> (also from the board) for constantly spewing phrases about my FAQ that make no real sense.

Yee Seng Fu <> for being a great FAQ writer and an all-around nice guy; a real inspiration.

My aunt & uncle in California, for giving me the free laptop computer that I wrote this on.

Feral's Thanks

Feral was responsible for the Endings page.

Thanks to everyone who helped with filling in the list: CB, the slept, NPN, Xerain, Xantheras, ANT Eagle, Dmguinn, DMHawkmoon, Aya Brea, Mohd. Adisa Mahadi.

Thanks to Sherwin Tam, who told me of the Japanese webpage that had all 86 endings, there are now some more endings possibilities added. Unfortunately, the descriptions may not be accurate, since I can't read Japanese and my uncle who is doing the translations only knows a little bit of Japanese.

Also, thanks to everyone who I got any useful information on Star Ocean 2nd Story from, though I can't really remember exactly where I got what info.

Chris E. Kallmeyer's Thanks

Chris E. Kallmeyer was responsible for part of the Metalwork page.

James( alot of Blacksmith items.
Brian( 6, and helping with sections 3 and 5 [Blacksmith; this section was not used in this shrine]

Noel Herradura's Thanks

Noel Herradura was responsible for the original Pickpocketing guide.

The following people have made valuable contributions to this guide. If you feel that you should be included on this list, please e-mail me.

Ian Kelly<>
Dias Flac<>
Mike Strong<>
Bladewind Draconus<>
Alex Fryman<>
Todd O'Shea<>
Michael Johansen<>
Mog Kupo<>
Death Lazer<>
Dorothy Hall<>
ted opat<>
Jonathan Ng<>
Adrianne Parker<>
My Parents<>

Jessica's Thanks

Jessica was responsible for the Cave of Trials walkthrough.

No work is entirely one person's efforts. Thanks go out to darkfenrir, and my husband, Silent Cooking Master for all their help in the creation of this walkthru.