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First off: A vast majority of information on this site was contributed by various FAQ writers. (However, I went back and double-checked most of the information; the only things I took on blind faith were some of the Item Creation Specialty pages.) At the top of each page is the name of the person/people who contributed the information used on that page. If you see "Contributor:", that means that the text you see on that page was written by the contributor (any comments I inserted are in [ ] square brackets). If you see "Information Contributed By:", that means that the facts used on that page were done by someone else, but the text was re-written by me. If you see no name at the top of a page, the research as well as text was done by me. All credits from all FAQs are collected in the Thanks page.

Abbreviations: Here's a short list of abbreviations used in the shrine.
COT: Cave of Trials.
KM: Killer Moves.
FP: Friendship Points (see Emotional Levels)
RP: Romance Points (see Emotional Levels)

Character Abbreviations: I sometimes use the first two letters of a character's name to denote that character. To whit, these are:

As: AshtonBo: BowmanCe: CelineCh: ChisatoCl: ClaudeDi: Dias
Er: ErnestLe: LeonNo: NoelOp: OperaPr: PrecisRe: Rena

Likewise, I use the abbreviations used by the game for Elementals. The Elementals are as follows (on the status screens of characters and items, they're shown from left to right in the following order as well):

Et: Earth (brown crystal)Wt: Water (rain drop)Fr: Fire (flame)Wd: Wind (spiral)
Th: Thunder (lightning bolt)St: Star (star)Vc: Vacuum (starry void)Lg: Light (round face
Dk: Dark (black circle with eye)Vd: Void (white crystal)

If you see an Element or group of Elements followed by a "+" sign, that means that an item or enemy is strong against that Element. If it's followed by a "-" sign, it's weak against it. If you see one or more Elements followed by "atk" on the Weapons page, that designates the Elemental attack of that weapon. So "Et/Wt/Fr- Wd/Th+ Th/St atk" means it's weak against Earth, Wind, and Fire, strong against Wind and Thunder, and has an attack with Thunder and Star attributes.

One last note: If you see ALL, that refers to all Elements; if you see A-X, it means all elements besides for X (e.g. "A-Vd+" means strength against all elements besides Void).

Stats: Like in most RPGs, characters have two stats: "innate" stats, which raise as characters raise in levels, and "final" stats. Final stats are simply "innate" stats added to the value of any equipment they have equipped. Here's the list.

STR: Innate strength; affects ATK value.
CON: Constitution; affects DEF value.
DEX: Dexterity; affects HIT value.
AGL: Agility; affects AVD value.
INT: Intelligence; affects MAG value.
LUC: Luck; affects item creation rate, skill success rate, etc. Can be raised by equipment.
STM: Stamina; affects how much HP and MP you recover after battle. Stamina will go down if you attack or use spells in battle, and can recover itself if you sit still. Can be raised or lowered by equipment.
GUTS: Affects how often you do critical attacks (this affects KMs and spells as well), and survive fatal attacks (with 1 HP remaining). Can be raised by equipment.
ATK: Attack; higher ATK = more damage dealt. ATK = STR + ATK value of equipment.
DEF: Defense; higher DEF = less damage received. Also called AC (Armor Class). DEF = CON + AC value of equipment.
HIT: Hit accuracy; higher HIT = attacks connect more often. HIT = AGL + HIT value of equipment.
AVD: Avoid rate; higher AVD = higher chance of avoiding attacks. AVD = DEX + AVD value of equipment.

Miscellaneous Notes: "Attack Chances" refers to the phenomenon of certain accessories or weapons shooting stars out during an attack; these stars do about 1/3 to 1/2 damage a regular swing would do. Each extra "attack chance" shoots out two stars. You can have a maxmimum of four attack chances (1 normal plus six stars).

Any enemy marked with a * is a boss or other monster which can only be fought at limited times.

Even when the location of an item is said to be unknown, it's still possible to get it randomly via the items Treasure Chest, Lien, Fill-up, Fountain Card, Jack-in-the-box, Marionette Pill, the Santa's Boots accessory, or leveling up in the Radar skill.

All selling prices assume you haven't used Identify All! or a Cinderella Glass, and that no one has learned the Tool Knowledge skill yet.