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Raddle Sidequest
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Raddle Sidequest

Before completing the Sanctuary of Linga, there's one short quest you should definitely partake in, involving Raddle the Traveler. First take a boat to the Cross Continent, and head to Salva. Raddle (guy in a white coat) is on the southern screen there; talk to him and he'll ask you how to get to Herlie. Tell him to go north. Now go to Mars Village; he'll be in the tool shop, lost again. Tell him it's further east. Now go to Herlie and take a boat back to Hilton; he'll be on the main screen, lost yet again! Tell him to take the ship back to Herlie. Follow him to Herlie and enter the inn; he'll be in one of the rooms. Talk to him and he'll give you a Funny Slayer weapon. While totally useless in the normal game, if you want to try the bonus dungeon it makes life much easier!

Bonus Dungeon / Revisiting Expel

Play the game all the way to the end: save at the very last save point before Indalecio in Fienal on floor 10. Now go ALL the way back down out of Fienal. Go back to the main continent and take your Synard to Fun City. Go into the Battle Arena and head around to the back. You must NOT be in a Private Action for this to work. Talk to the old man standing there and he'll offer to recover your past memories. Say yes and you'll be transported back to Arlia Village!

If you ever want to return to Nede, talk to the purple penguin (Vern Vern) behind you. When the game gives you a choice, say "You silly Vern Vern!" to return to the Battle Arena in Nede. Now here's a surprise: go outside to see a Synard waiting for you! You can now return to any place you missed. Going to Lacour, by the way, sets it back to right after the Tournament of Arms, before the monsters attacked. If you took my advice and Published some books to sell to the editors here before finishing Disc 1, talk to the editor now and you'll get several million FOL in royalties!

Finally, you're now ready (hopefully) to enter a whole new part of the game, one which forces you to master a whole slew of new skills. Take your Synard to the desert area in the lower left. See that lone red dot? It deceptively hides the Cave of Trials, probably the most challenging area I've ever played in an RPG. See the Cave of Trials section on strategies for this vast cavern!

Indalecio's Limiter

This trick also requires that you get to the very end of Fienal, save at the last save point, and go back out. Enter a Private Action in Central City, then go into City Hall. You'll see a Private Action involving Filia (you must have seen Filia's PA in Clik way back when in order for this PA to play out). She'll disappear and leave behind an Israfil's Tear, a great accessory for Celine or Rena. However, something more important's happened: if you return to Fienal and try to fight Indalecio again, you'll find that his Limiter is off, resulting in a fight about three times harder than previously! All of his stats (including HP) have been boosted a tremendous amount. Normal levels for beating him with Limiter on are about 70, but I've heard you can't do it (without cheating) after turning it off until you reach the high 200s! Good luck!

North City's Secret Files

Thanks to Ian Kelley for this information.

To see the secret files in North City's database, you must finished the scene at the Heraldry Weapons Research Lab (where you entered from Armlock). If Chisato's in your party, I recommend doing this before tackling Fienal, because you'll inadvertently turn off Indalecio's limiter by doing this. In fact, I recommend doing it right after you finish the scene at the Lab, because you have to wait a bit after the second-last step anyway, so you might as well just continue the game at that point.

There are a number of steps you must take before gaining access to the information (but trust me, it's worth it - ever wondered just why the heck you're fighting those Ten Wise Men anyway?)

  1. Read ALL the files in the North City database. The information's pretty interesting, but if you know it all already, set your message speed to 1 in the options menu and it'll go by pretty fast. Then try accessing the secret files.
  2. Head to Giveaway and enter the university. Talk to the Dean (he's in the far right room on the first floor); he'll mention something about Reyfus.
  3. Reyfus is in the far left room on the second floor. Talk to him now.
  4. Go back to Central City and talk to Chisato (if she's in your party you'll have to enter a PA).
  5. Leave Central City and go back in (again, going into a PA if she's in your party) and talk to her again.
  6. Go back to North City and talk to the operator. You'll break through security, but you won't actually be able to read the files because your terminal is outdated.
  7. Go back to Giveaway and talk to Reyfus; tell him you were the ones to enter the Research Lab, and give him the codes you saw there; you'll then be able to read the first two categories. Read everything, then try to access the last two categories and you'll be cut off.
  8. Go back and talk to the Dean and he'll give you the Pandora's Box, a decrypting device.
  9. Go back and talk to Reyfus and give him the Pandora's Box. Now you have to leave and come back later (a certain amount of real time must elapse before he'll finish). You'll now have access to all four hidden files. Congratulations!

New Play Modes

Every time a character shouts out a voice clip in battle, it's saved onto your memory card. When you turn on your PlayStation, the game reads all files on the memory card and all the voice clips that have been heard in battle become "active" - you can listen to them again on the Voice Collection option on the start screen. However, you can do more than that!

When you get 30% (384) of the voice clips, a new option will open up when you start a new game, allowing you to choose Galaxy mode. This harder mode raises all monster stats, including speed and intelligence. When you get 50% (639) of the voice clips, you'll open Universe mode, which is even tougher!

When you get 75% (959) of the voice clips, you'll open up a Music Test mode on the Voice Collection screen. You can choose the clip to hear, or get a random one to play.

Many voice clips are tough to get. First off, the easier ones are the ones that play during Killer Moves; just do that Killer Move and the voice clip will play. Next are the ones that play during spells. Most spells have not one but two voice clips, the second one being very rare; I don't know for sure what affects which clip is played. claims that it makes a difference whether you actually choose the spell to be cast or if the AI casts it automatically. After that are the tough ones; just play through with every character as much as you can and most of them will eventually play out (e.g. when a character is wounded, dies, raises a level, wins a battle, etc.) The hardest ones to get are when another character dies. Your Emotional Level for that character must be high enough that you call out their name, but you usually can't have that kind of level for more than one character at a time. So don't expect to get all of those. ^^; But you definitely must play the game through at least twice to get all twelve characters; there's no chance otherwise.

A complete Voice List can be found on this site so you can document which ones you don't have.