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Precious Items

These items show up under the "Precious Items" list in the Item Creation list. You can't do anything actively with them, but you need them to progress in the story.

Ancient Writings...End of Cross CaveGive to Keith in Linga after finishing the Lacour Tournament of Arms.
Card KeyA suspicious card with a mysterious shine.Give the password "APOCA" to the priest statue in Eluria Tower.Opens the red barriers in Eluria Tower.
Chisato's Job IDIt has on it the name of CHisato, reporter for the Nede Chronicle.Found in the Cave of Red Crystal if you saw the necessary scenes in Central and North Cities.Talk to her with this in your inventory to get her to join you.
ClarisageA rare herb found in the Sanctuary of Linga.Found in one of several places in the Sanctuary of Linga. Can't get it if you have the Dill Whip already.Talk to Bowman with this in your inventory to get him to take you to Keith.
Communicator...Claude starts with it in his game; you don't get it in Rena's game.Disappears after Eluria Tower.
Dill WhipAn unknown herb found in the Sanctuary of Linga.Found at the end of Sanctuary of Linga if you don't have a Clarisage.Talk to Bowman with this in your inventory to get him to take you to Keith.
Energy Stone...Found at the end of Hoffman Ruins.Give it to King Lacour to power the Lacour Hope.
Hut KeyA key that will open some hut somewhere.Found after beating Azamgil in the Heraldry Forest (Rena's game only; you don't get it in Claude's game).Open the hut in the Heraldry Forest to rescue the children.
ID CardA strange card with a mysterious shine.Given to you by the man in the Eluria Colony armory.Used to open the door to Eluria Tower.
Jewel of CourageA jewel that rules the courage of Nede.Found at the end of the Field of Courage.Needed to complete your power to defeat the Ten Wise Men.
Jewel of IntelligenceA jewel that rules the Intelligence of Nede.Found at the end of the Field of Intelligence.Needed to complete your power to defeat the Ten Wise Men.
Jewel of LoveA jewel that rules the love of Nede.Found at the end of the Field of Love.Needed to complete your power to defeat the Ten Wise Men.
Jewel of PowerA jewel that rules the power of Nede.Found at the end of the Field of Power.Needed to complete your power to defeat the Ten Wise Men.
LEA Metal...Found after defeating Bark in Mihne Cavern.Needed to create the Void Matter, and the Sacred Tear, and Fallen Hope weapons.
Link StockA mysterious amulet that increases linking ability by 1.Found in COT Level 1.Allows you to use a Link Combo without stealing the Killer Moves from another character.
Metox...Found in Lassguss Mountain, as part of the Eleanor sidequest with Ashton (Rena's game) or Bowman (Claude's game).Give to Eleanor to heal her.
N.F.I.D.A free pass for entrance to Fun City.Given to you by Narl after your first attempt on Fienal.Allows free access to Fun City.
Pandora's Box...Given to you by the Dean after reading the first two sets of secret info from the North City archives (see Secrets).Give to Professor Rayfus to be able to read the last two sets of secret info.
PassportA passport to permit sailing from the port of Clik.Given to you by the King of Cross and later by the Captain after Clik is destroyed.Allows passage to the continent of El.
Rena's HairpinA crescent shaped hairpin that Rena used.In Rena's game you start with it; in Claude's game you find it in Alen-Tax's mansion.No real purpose.
Rena's PendantA pendant that Rena has treasured since childhood.You start with it in Rena's game and can't get it in Claude's game.A quadratic key... you can't really use it, though.
Rune CodesA card with the code for breaking the seal to the Four Fields engraved on it.Given to you by Narl once you get a Synard.Used to gain access to the four Fields.
Silver GobletA beautiful goblet with a heavenly shimmer.Found in the Mountain Palace with Ashton.Needed to exorcise Gyoro and Ururun.
Tears of the KingThe tears of the legendary Demon Bird of the Lassguss Mountains.Found after beating XINE on Lassguss Mountain.Needed to exorcise Gyoro and Ururun.
The Key to Mihne CaveThe card needed to break the seal of the Mihne Cave.Given to you after the scene in the Heraldry Research Lab.Allows you to enter Mihne Cavern.
Tournament PassA pass to certify registration as entrant in the Lacour Tournament of Arms.Given to you by the receptionist after registering for the Lacour Tournament of Arms.Allows you to pick a weapon shop to sponsor you.
Treasure MapA map showing the secret passageways of Cross Cave.Given to you by Celine when you first meet her.Lets you get to the end of Cross Cave.
Void MatterA device that covers all allies' weapons with Antiproton fields.Given to you in Fun City after giving Mirage the LEA Metal.Allows you to damage the Ten Wise Men.
Warrior StatueA courageous looking idol that symbolizes the courage of its owner.Found in the Field of Courage.Starts the boss fight at the end of the Field of Courage.