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Contributor: Sherwin Tam

Talents represent the natural abilities of a character. To use some specialties effectively, a character must know the right talent. Talents are inherited when the character joins the party. Thus, when a new character joins the party, check his or her talents. If you don't like the number or type of talents and have a recent save, you can keep reloading and re-recruiting the character until his or her talents suits your tastes. [This includes your main character!]

Talents can also be discovered. To discover a hidden talent, have a character that doesn't have a wanted talent repeatedly use a specialty that requires that talent. They may eventually discover the wanted talent (although it might take a lot of time and money). The one talent that can't be discovered is The Blessing of Manna, which all spellcasters begin with and no fighters can discover. Discovering a talent also has the added benefit of giving the character an immediate 100 Skill Points as a reward for all that hard practice. [You can discover Talents more easily by using the Super Specialty "Orchestra".]

This Talent list can be used to gauge which specialties each character might want to develop (although they aren't necessary to start with, if you have enough money, patience, or certain Super Specialties).

Talent Format

Description (taken from game text)
Related Specialties (* denotes specialties that can be used to discover the talent)
Extra Comments (if any)

Description: The ability to modify things with one's own creativity.
Related Specialties: Customize, Metalwork*

Description: The gifted talent of being able to move one's fingertips exactly as one wishes.
Related Specialties: Metalwork*, Compounding, Pickpocket, Machinery*
Comments: The most used talent; cannot be learned by using Pickpocket, so don't bother wasting chances by trying if you don't have Dexterity.

Writing Ability
Description: The talent of being able to put one's thoughts into words.
Related Specialties: Authoring*

Description: The ability to grasp musical tones well.
Related Specialties: Musical Talent*

Sixth Sense
Description: The primitive ability to sense things that cannot be expressed with words.
Related Specialties: Scout*
Comments: Sixth Sense is one of the hardest talents to learn. I've been able to learn it by switching the Scout settings repeatedly, sometimes with the help of Orchestra.

Sense of Taste
Description: The gift of judging what tastes would please anyone.
Related Specialties: Cooking*

Sense of Design
Description: The creative talent for the arts
Related Specialties: Art*, Machinery*

Sense of Rhythm
Description: The ability to grasp musical rhythm.
Related Specialties: Musical Talent*

Love of Animals
Description: Animal Lover. More than anything. More than anyone.
Related Specialties: Familiar*

The Blessing of Manna
Description: The innate magical power.
Related Specialties: Alchemy
Comments: The only talent that cannot be learned. Either you start with it or you don't.

Probability of Starting With Talents

[The value on the left is the probability (in %) that a character will start with that talent, and on the right is the probability of that character learning it through specialties. The second value is way smaller than the first, of course. Orchestra raises all probabilities to around 90% or so unless it's zero to start with. This chart was gotten from the Prima Strategy Guide.]

Blessing of Mana0/00/0100/00/00/00/00/0100/0100/00/00/0100/0
Love of Animals50/0.80/23.410/050/39.120/3.920/0.830/3.910/2.090/3.90/070/2.085/15.6
Sense of Design0/020/7.890/23.440/3.965/7.830/2.030/11.740/2.050/3.960/46.930/62.525/0.8
Sense of Rhythm10/11.710/0.810/1.230/3.945/2.060/0.8100/010/2.060/3.970/11.740/5.940/3.9
Sense of Taste80/2.010/2.010/0.460/23.410/0.410/7.820/0.835/3.920/3.910/0.40/1.280/35.2
Sixth Sense30/2.030/23.445/7.80/2.00/0.440/7.880/15.60/3.940/3.90/050/0.40/0
Writing Ability40/2.080/23.420/2.0100/080/15.620/0.840/15.6100/010/3.910/2.020/0.830/15.6