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Leon Geeste

Contributor: Edward Chang and the Prima Guide
Thanks to RPGamer for the character pic.
Leon D.S. Geeste
Age: 12
Birthday: November 25
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 79 lbs.
Weapons: Books
Armor: Light/Magician's Armor
Favorite Food: Carrot Juice
Favorite Instrument: Violin
Starting Skills: Mineralogy 3, Scientific Ability 4, Fairyology 1
Voice Actor: Grant Wachspress

A child genius with all the arrogance of one (reminds me of myself ;)), Leon and Celine battle it out for best attack magician. His spells are water or darkness based for the most part, and his later spells are very useful. At first he is overshadowed by Celine since he doesn't have any good all-enemy spells, but later he comes into his own. Skills, of course, Motormouth. Leon is supposedly good at Item Creation, and he usually comes with lots and lots of Talents. Note, you can only recruit Leon if you're playing Claude's scenario.
His attack, believe it or not, is quite useful. It probably has the best range for spellcasters, and looks cool. Come on, I'd like to see you summon monsters out of your books to attack your enemies. Like Opera, he doesn't need to jump to hit flying enemies... I find he can hit those bunny-type enemies more effectively than most fighters.

My nitpicky commentary on voice: I love Leon's voice, just so full of childish arrogance. My favorite has to be "Word of Death!", just because it's funny to hear his voice try to be threatening. His end battle quotes are pretty good too.. "Ha ha!" "Thanks to me!". Great.

Battle Strategy: Leon is one of the better characters. Early on Celine completely overshadows him because her spells are more effective sooner. Later, however, it becomes a matter of personal preference as to whether you want to use Leon or Celine (or both!). If you're playing as Claude, by all means recruit him.

Talent Information

OriginalityD/D Sense of TasteD/D
DexterityF/F Sense of DesignD/D
Writing Ability+ Sense of RhythmD/D
PitchF/D Love of AnimalsF/D
Sixth Sense-/D The Blessing of Mana+


Ice Needle
MP: 2
Fires a shard of ice at an enemy. Like firebolt and its ilk, not a guaranteed hit, so not all that useful. Even when you first recruit him Leon has more useful spells. Water-elemental.

MP: 4
Leon summons a demon from the target's shadow to attack it. Strangely, it seems to miss a lot, or get blocked, and the damage isn't all that great. I'll stick to Black Saber thank you. Dark-elemental.

Shadow Bolt
MP: 7
Calls into being a flurry of black electrical-type bolts to damage a single enemy. Again, I find Black Saber to be more useful. Dark- elemental.

Acid Rain
MP: 7
Lowers the defense of all enemies. Too bad it doesn't do any damage... Only an okay spell. Water-elemental.

Deep Mist
MP: 11
This spell apparently makes it harder for enemies to hit you. I never see much of a difference though, so I usually turn this spell off since the AI tends to cast it too much. Dark-elemental.

Black Saber
MP: 14
Weren't you always annoyed at those ladies that appeared with the wolves and kept casting this spell at you while the wolves pounded away? Why not try it yourself :)? Good spell since it's guaranteed- hit and can actually hit multiple enemies if you're lucky enough. Dark-elemental.

Deep Freeze
MP: 15
Shards of ice assault the enemy. Unlike Ice Needle, guaranteed to hit. Try this out on those annoying Salamanders. Pretty good spell. Water-elemental.

Word of Death
MP: 18
My favorite spell to hear :). Too bad it almost never works. Will supposedly kill an enemy instantly, provided they don't resist and are not a boss.

MP: 18 Level: 32
The first really useful support spell. Cast it on fighter characters; the AI tends to be a bit "selfish" and will cast it on the people that don't really need it all that much first.

MP: 10 Level: 34
Attacks everything on the screen for a couple hundred points of damage. Star-elemental.

MP: 18 Level: 36
Slows down a single enemy. It's an okay spell, but I find it easier to speed up your own party members with Haste since Haste doesn't miss.

Shadow Flare
MP: 32 Level: 39
Creates large explosions of, I guess, shadow. Leon's first really high-powered spell. Hits all enemies for several thousand if your magic is good. Dark-elemental.

MP: 20 Level: 42
Speeds up the movement rate of a single ally. If the enemies are just slightly faster than your characters this could save your life.

MP: 22 Level: 50
Raises attack power. I don't find this spell that useful, since there are many other ways to raise attack power.

MP: 35 Level: 54
The most powerful water magic. A large flood sweeps away everything for moderate to heavy damage, depending on your magic stat. Another useful spell in Leon's repertoire. Water-elemental.

Gremlin Lair
MP: 26 Level: 60
Summons a Gremlin, which throws a whole bunch of energy sickles around the screen and then bites each enemy a couple of times for more damage. In other words, a multi-hit spell. Enemies closer to Leon get hit for more damage, since the energy sickles emnate from near him. Void- elemental.

Daemon's Gate
MP: 37 Level: 66
Summons a Daemon who blasts all the enemies on the screen for 5 to 6000 damage. Fairly powerful spell. Probably Leon's best conventional spell. Void-elemental.

Dark Circle
MP: 65 Level: 78
Sucks in enemies with less than 1/4 max HP, killing them instantly. The downside of course is that the enemies already have to be weak in order for this spell to work. I usually find it easier to just hit them until they die, so I don't find much use for this spell.

MP: 90
The most powerful attack spell in the game. The spell engulfs the field and damages all enemies immensely, hitting up against the 9999 barrier if Leon's magic stat is good... Void-elemental.