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Accessory Grouping

Here you'll find a listing of similar accessories. They're grouped together to show you that you can get the same effect different ways, or that one accessory is stronger than another but has the same function. Here's the list!

Attack Raising: These accessories raise your attack stat by a percentage. Some of them lower other stats, though.
Atlas Ring: Doubles strength, but is weak to all Elementals. (Use Metalwork on a Rainbow Diamond.)
Feet Symbol: Raises STR by 10% and DEX by 30%. (Use Metalwork on a Sapphire.)
Hard Earring: Only for Celine/Chisato/Opera. STR is raised by 30%, but DEX is lowered by 10%. (Use Metalwork on Iron.)
Hard Ring: Strength is raised by 20% and DEX is lowered by 5%. (Use Metalwork on Iron.)
Lunatic Earring: Only for Celine/Chisato/Opera. Strength is doubled, but DEX is halved. (Use Metalwork on Moonite.)
Might Chain: Strength is raised by 30%, and you get a 30 STM bonus. (Use Metalwork on Green Beryl.)

Breakables: These accessories completely or almost completely protect against damage, but can break in battle. The stronger the protection, the more likely the accessory will break.
Reverse Doll: When a character is dealt a blow where s/he should really die, they stay alive and the accessory breaks. (Use Metalwork on Diamond.)
Lunatic Ring: The character is invincible in battle, but permanently dizzied. Equipping a Peep Non negates this effect. (Use Metalwork on Moonite.)
Shield Earring: Physical attacks are reduced to 20% of their strength. For Celine/Chisato/Opera only. (Use Metalwork on Ruby.)
Shield Ring: Physical attacks are reduced to 10% of their strength. (Use Metalwork on Star Ruby.)
Protection Ring: Physical attacks are absorbed as HP. (Use Metalwork on Star Ruby.)
Resistance Ring: Spell damage is reduced to 10% of its strength. (Use Metalwork on Crystal.)
Reflection Ring: Spell damage is absorbed as HP. (Use Metalwork on Crystal.)

Defense Raising: These accessories raise defense by a percentage.
Talisman: DEF+5%, plus gives an 8 STM bonus. (Use Metalwork on Green Beryl.)
Blue Talisman: DEF+10%, plus gives 12 STM and protects against Water. Only for Fighters, though. (Use Metalwork on Sapphire.)
General's Ring: CON+10%. I don't know where to find this, though!
Leaf Pendant: CON+30%, plus gives a 10 LUC bonus. You can only get this in Claude's game in a PA in Salva.
Ring of Sadness: CON+30%, but lowers STR by 30% too. Only for Rena. You can find this in Herlie.

Diversions: These accessories divert attacks or spells to nearby monsters or allies with a certain percent chance.
Magic Cross: 20% chance of attacks hitting nearby monsters. Also is strong against Star, Vacuum, and Light. (Use Metalwork on Rainbow Diamond.)
Moon Earring: 10% chance of attacks hitting nearby allies. Only for females. Also is strong against Vacuum. (Use Metalwork on Moonite.)

Elemental Blocking: These accessories have a 50% chance of blocking out a certain element. When you're hit by a Water-elemental spell and wearing the Aqua Ring, you might take no damage from it.
Aqua Ring: Blocks Water damage. (Use Metalwork on a Sapphire.)
Flare Ring: Blocks Fire damage. (Use Metalwork on a Ruby.)
Stardust Ring: Blocks Star damage. (Use Metalwork on a Star Ruby.)
Holy Ring: Has a 10% chance that ANY spell will be blocked out. (Use Metalwork on Crystal.)

HP Raising: These accessories raise maximum HP.
Left Cross: Raises by 1000 HP. Also raises HIT and MAG, and every Elemental is affected positively or negatively. (Use Metalwork on Rainbow Diamond.)
Luna Talisman: Raises by 20%. Also gives a GUTS bonus of 20. (Use Metalwork on Moonite.)

Minerals: The primary reason for these items is to use in Specialties, but they can usually protect against one or more Elementals as well.
Crystal: Thunder
Damascus: Dark
Diamond: Thunder
Gold: None, but AVD+1.
Green Beryl: Wind
Iron: None, but HIT+1.
Meteorite: Dark
Mithril: Light
Moonite: Vacuum
Orichalcum: Dark, Void
Rainbow Diamond: Star, Light
Ruby: Fire
Rune Metal: Thunder
Sage's Stone: Light, Dark, Void
Sapphire: Water
Silver: None, but DEF+1.
Star Ruby: Fire, Dark

Motormouth: Equipping these accessories raises a spellcaster's Motormouth skill to a certain level.
Star Earring: Level 3; only for Celine. (Use Metalwork on a Star Ruby.)
Star Necklace: Level 3. (Use Metalwork on a Star Ruby or Blacksmithing on a Meteorite.)
Emerald Earring: Level 5; only for Celine. (Use Metalwork on Green Beryl.)
The Moon Tiara helmet will also raise Celine/Rena's Motormouth to Level 7.

MP Consumption: These accessories will lower the amount of MP used in battle.
Emerald Ring: 2/3 consumption, plus gives a STM bonus of 10. (Use Metalwork on Green Beryl.)
Fairy Ring: 1/2 consumption. (Use Metalwork on Green Beryl.)

MP Conversion: Whenever you're attacked, a certain percentage of the damage you receive will be given back to you as MP.
Black Earring: 5%. (Use Metalwork on Iron - can only be equipped on Celine/Chisato/Opera)
Fairy Tear: 10%. (You can only win one in Fienal.)
Pyre Tear: 10%, but also has a Water weakness and Fire strength. (You can only win one in Fun City.)

MP Raising: These accessories raise maximum MP.
Luna Tablet: Raises by 30%. (Use Metalwork on Moonite.)
Princess Ring: Raises by 100 MP, plus raises MAG by 2. Only for magicians. (Use Metalwork on Crystal.)
Right Cross: Doubles MP! Also has bonuses to DEF, AVD, GUTS, and LUC, and affects every Elemental positively or negatively. (Win Fun City Team Battle Rank B.)
Silver Earring: Raises by 30%. Only for females. (Use Metalwork on Silver.)

MP Regeneration: These items recover 3% of max MP during battle, at a set rate.
Mind Ring: Every 9 seconds; Weak against Thunder. (Use Metalwork on Sage's Stone)
Mental Ring: Every 5 seconds (Use Metalwork on Sage's Stone)

Raising Attack Chances: Raising attack chances means you get two or more hits per swing. Very useful! These accessories also raise your Gale level to 10, besides for the Meteor Ring.
Gale Earring: Only for Celine/Chisato, plus lots of other stat raises, including Wind absorption. (Found in Eluria Tower.)
Meteor Ring: For everyone; also gives stat bonuses, but not as good. (Found in Eluria Tower.)
Slayer's Ring: Gives TWO extra chances, plus even better stat bonuses! You can find them in COT and one in a special PA in Fun City.
Angel's Armband: Also gives two extra chances, plus a huge amount of other goodies. You can only get it by beating the COT, though, so good luck.

Random Items: Three very special accessories will continually drop random items as you walk around. The items they drop are related to each other. Each accessory will drop: a berry; some item creation consumable items; some minerals; some herbs; a Syrup; a Check (Poison/Paralysis/Stone) and two or three rare and special items. They can also drop FOL. Each accessory is weak against one Element, though. In order of power, the accessories are:
Mischief (Pickpocket Filia in the Clik Private Action): Weak against Fire.
Trickster (found in Eluria Tower): Weak against Water.
Fortune (win Fun City Survival Battle): Weak against Earth.

Speed: These accessories raise your Gale skill to level 10.
Gale Earring: Also raises attack chances by 1 and absorbs Wind, plus other bonuses. Only for Chisato/Celine. (Found in Eluria Tower.)
Silver Pendant: Also gives a 10 AVD and 5 GUTS bonus. (Use Metalwork on Silver.)
Slayer's Ring: Also gives GUTS, STM, and CRT bonuses, and raises attack chances by 2. (Found in COT or in a special PA in Fun City in Claude's game.)
Zephyr Earring: Only for Celine/Chisato/Opera. (Use Metalwork on Rainbow Diamond.)

Spell Power: Raises the power of certain spell Elementals when equipped on spellcasters. The Fire and Water rings give 10 to GUTS, STM, and MAG, while the Thunder Ring gives a 30 to GUTS and none to the others.
Fire Ring: Fire Elemental. (Use Metalwork on Ruby.)
Water Ring: Water Elemental. (Use Metalwork on Sapphire.)
Thunder Ring: Thunder Elemental. (Use Metalwork on Diamond.)

Status Protection: These accessories protect against status problems. No accessory completely protects against all status problems, though.
Poison Check: Completely protects against Poison. (Use Metalwork on Iron.)
Paralysis Check: Completely protects against Paralysis. (Use Metalwork on Iron.)
Stone Check: Completely protects against Stone. (Use Metalwork on Iron.)
Silver Cross: Raises protection against all status, but can break rarely. Is weak against fire and strong against Vacuum and Light. (Use Metalwork on Silver.)
Wisdom Ring: Raises protection against all status. (Use Metalwork on Sage's Stone.)

Ultimate Accessories: These raise your stats by an unimaginable amount, and have tons of other bonuses.
Israfil's Tear: Raises all stats substantially and is strong against Void. You can get it in a PA in Central City after getting to the end of Fienal. Only for Celine and Rena.
Tri-Emblem: All stats are raised by a huge amount, and it's strong against all Elementals. You can only buy them in Santa's shop, which shows up randomly in level 6 of the COT. It costs 5 million FOL each!
Angel Armband: All stats are up by 60, besides MAG, which goes up by 200. Absorbs all Elementals and raises Attack Chances by 2. You can get it by finishing the COT.