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Boss HP Element Location Strategy/Description
1st Virage Arm 50 HP Normal Volcano Villude Considering the arm only has 50 HP it will die in two good attacks. Beware though it will regenerate it's arm after a while so get rid of the head right away!
1st Virage Body 350 HP Normal Volcano Villude Go for the body first to have an easier time with this Virage. Have Lavitz attack him with full force and have Dart and Rose (or Shana) use multi-hit items. Considering you can do about 90 damage per round the body should be dead in about 4 rounds. Once you finish off the body it's on to the arm.
1st Virage Head 350 HP Normal Volcano Villude Once you have gotten rid of the arm, attack the head with physical attacks, it has a low physical attack defence. You want to finish Have everyone attack with full force. The head has 350 Hp so it might take a while for this battle (if you are a low level) just hang in there!
2nd Virage Arm 350 HP Normal Valley of Corrupted Gravity The body part you want to attack first. It causes the most damage and it regenerates from time to time so try to hit it hard and fast. Dart's "Madness Hero" or Crush danse" could do the trick, have Shana (if available in your party) heal Dart whenever he takes a hit. The sooner you take out the arm, the easier the battle becomes.
2nd Virage Body 800 HP Normal Valley of Corrupted Gravity After you take out the arm, go for the body. Note: you have no time to spare considering it will regenerate, so do every thing fast. You must always keep a steady attack routine, guard isn't a good command for this battle, instead use recovery items or have Shana cure you. Once you take out the body, make for the head. Fast!
2nd Virage Head 1500 HP Normal Valley of Corrupted Gravity You have no time to waste, hit it with every thing you got. This part of the Virage's body has the most HP, therefore it will take the longest time. Chances are he will regenerate a body part soon enough, once he does just repeat the process of taking out the arm first then body. Once you get to just the lone head for a second time hit him with all your strongest additions he will have only a portion of his life left, since you took some out last time. Hopefully, for your sake, he doesn't regenerate again, but if he does repeat the process again.
3rd Virage Arm 5000 HP Normal Forbidden Land THIS IS THE HARDEST BATTLE IN HISTORY. NOT!!! All you have to do is "Guard" for ten rounds, because after ten rounds he perishes. Pretty hard, eh? Unless you're unfamiliar to sarcasm, I was joking.
3rd Virage Body 10000 HP Normal Forbidden Land Refer to strategy for 3rd Virage Arm
3rd Virage Head 10000 HP Normal Forbidden Land Same strategy as 3rd Virage Arm
Archangel 3200 HP Light Moon That Never Sets Meru's turn. If you haven't touched Meru all game, this is going to be tough, but if you used her throughout the game, its nothing to worry about. Archangel's magic defence is good, so you want to stick with additions. A gigantos ring , or anything that can boost power up can be useful in this battle. Archangel preforms some decent magic attacks that can injure Meru pretty badly. Eventually she will use an ultimate attack that reduces Meru's HP to one. After some healing and some additions, Meru will admit she likes humans and the battle will then end.
Atlow 250 HP Dark Lohan This guy is easy, but annoying. He's annoying because he is quick. He has an attack of taking aim on one of your joints, don't worry it doesn't do that much damage. But after 5 rounds he will unleash his finisher attack. Considering this guy has low defence, he can be easy to kill in five rounds. If you are running low on HP, heal immediately because he attacks fast. Well, next battle's up!
Belzac 16000 HP Earth Vellweb I suggest using Dart, Albert and Kongol (equipped with the Golden Dragon armor). Have Dart and Albert turn into dragoons. Use Dart's Final Burst to take off about 1200, use Albert's Gaspless to do around 2000 HP that is if you are a high level. Have Kongol use his toughest addition, and have him use recovery items, when needed. After four or five rounds this guy should fall.
Caterpillar 5500 HP Normal Divine Tree Easy, boy this is a easy battle, don't bother turning into Dragoons, just hit this guy with strong additions. He doesn't use any magical attacks and his physical attack is nothing to worry about, a couple rounds is all this guy takes.
Claire 2500 HP Thunder Moon That Never Sets Haschel now has to battle. She is possessed by a wargod. She has the same stats as Haschel so it's about even. The only threat is that she preforms a move that brings you down to one HP, when that happens cure. You might think that you can't hit her but keep trying. When she is low on HP, She will ask you a question, answer "Mind's Eye Awaken" and you have won.
Seles Commander 20 HP Dark Seles Come on! do I really have to explain a strategy to defeat this loser! Well okay attack him trying out your addition. Considering this is your first boss battle, the makers didn't make this battle to hard.
Marshland Commander 150 HP Dark Marshland First kill of the two soldiers. Use Dart and Lavitz's additions while Shana uses recovery items whenever necessary. Keep repeating the technique in which Dart and Lavitz attack while Shana cures them and you can't lose!
Damia 9500 HP Water Vellweb Have Dart use the special right away. Final Bursts will do massive damage against Damia. keep using Final Bursts until you change back into a human. Then finish her off with some strong additions.
Danton 220 HP Earth Lohan Well, this guy is harder than Gorgaga and Serfius, he has higher defence and offense. Use your strong additions until he guards with his arms. DO NOT attack him, or else he will counterattack, instead take the time to "Guard" Wait for him to put down his arms then go in for the attack, he has a habit of guarding so take that time to "Guard" yourself, or you can use attack items. Warning: he has an all-out attack that leaves Dart's health to 1. Heal immediately. After some time it's on to round #4.
Dark Doel 1500 HP Thunder Moon That Never Sets Once you get rid of his swords he uses pathetic thunder magic. Use some Blossom storms to take care of this guy. If Albert is hurt, heal him and then continue with the Blossom storms.
Death Rose 3000 HP Normal Moon That Never Sets Nothing to worry about, even if you haven't used Miranda before, this will be a breeze. Keep attacking it until it shows Miranda's mother's face, it well then close, keep attacking it then eventually there will be an option, choose "I forgive you" and it will be defeated
Divine Dragon 5000 HP Normal Mountain of Mortal Dragon Once his Ball and cannon are taken out he does this pathetic arm swing that does minor damage, so basically if you eliminated the Ball, and Cannon you have eliminated most of the threat. Use your additions, and just shave life off him
Doel 650 HP Thunder Black Castle Just hit this guy with strong additions. Whenever you can afford to spare some time, use some spirit potions to get ready for your Dragoon Special ( When all three of your characters turn into Dragoons ). DO NOT use the special on him yet, because the battle the battle of a lifetime is coming up.
Dragoon Doel 1500 HP Thunder Black Castle One of the hardest battles in the game! This guy is incredibly tough and it may take a few tries to beat him, but if you stick to this strategy it will save you some frustration and time. This guy is tough so listen up. Once Doel turns into a Dragoon, use your Dragoon Special right away. Hit him as many times as you can before turning back into a human. Eventually he will put up a shield when that happens use the "Guard" command to halve damage and recieve some HP the trickiest part of this battle is when he uses his special magic that does astounding damage to all of your players, when this happens chances are (unless you use the "Guard" command beforehand) that some of your characters may die. If you have some spare spirit potions don't hesitate to use them a Dragoon Special is very effective in this battle. It is very unlikely that you are going to beat this guy the first time, heck when I first played it took me three times. Alot of LoD players say that this is the hardest battle in the game, so don't get frustrated. I wish you the best of luck!
Feyrbrand Dragon Spirit 8000 HP Wind Death City Mayfil Watch out, he's harder than last time but since you've grown so many more levels than the first encounter. You don't even need to turn into a Dragoon, but still, if you're not careful he might surprise you. So just to be safe use your last additions, also some levelling up your additions isn't a bad idea either.
Regole Dragon Spirit 12000 HP Water Death City Mayfil Remember this pushover you could defeat with some Final Bursts? well not this time It seems he has improved his magic defence, HP and Speed. You need Albert in this battle for the sake of his Blossom Strom. You also need Dart's Dragoon Magic to take care of this bugger.
Divine Dragon Spirit 16000 HP Normal Death City Mayfil Uh-oh it's the DIVINE DRAGON! and he's back, bigger and badder than ever! You need a Dragoon Special here for sure. You can't get rid of the Ball and Cannon this time. If you have some power down/ups that would also help you a lot, If you don't have those items it's going to be a little harder. Have Albert and Kongol in your party. Albert can do Blossom storm, while Dart uses his best magic and while Kongol does his Dragoon additions. Don't be shocked if you only have one character left.
Drake the Bandit 1150 HP Wind Shirley's Shrine This fight is fairly easy if you bought some "Legend Casque" or "Phantom Shield", if not well, then it's a different story. This boss can deal some good damage on you by throwing some darts at your party. Later in the battle, he will throw three bombs at you ( Bursting Balls). Lavitz's "Gust of Wind Danse" addition works well in this battle. Rose's "Astral Drain" works pretty well also.
Fire Bird 600 HP Fire Volcano Villude Use "Spear Frost" to rule this guy over. If you have lots of "Frost Spear" it will be smooth sailing from here on in, if not, listen up. This guy has roughly 625 HP and if you have one "Spear Frost" that can do around 100 damage. Have every party member attack. When you are low on HP don't use recovery items "Guard" instead. Don't worry before you now it, it will be over.
Feyrbrand 450 HP Wind Nest of Dragon Kill this big-boy first, the reason being is because he uses a lot of status-change moves. It's a good idea to carry some extra mind, and body purifiers for this battle. Use strong additions to keep this a one-sided battle, and heal the status abnormalities whenever your party gets affected. Once you kill the Dragon it's on to Greham.
Fruegel 90 HP Earth Hellena Prison After you have taken care of both of the Wardens, go for Fruegel! Once you have hurt him enough he will call more wardens who will probably do some magic damage to your party. The key to winning this battle is to stay alive. Watch Shana! sometimes when she is running low on health "Guard" may not cut it.
Fruegel 1000 HP Earth Hellena Prison After you have killed Guftas and Rodriguez, it's time to go for Fruegel. Fruegel throws rocks at you causing serious damage. Considering Fruegel's physical attacks are strong, you probably are going to make a habit of guarding. If you have Lavitz in your party, his "Gust of Wind Danse" can take care of Fruegel faster. As I said before, Frugel has strong physical attacks, so it would be a good idea if you turned into dragoons for better defence. After you defeat Fruegel, it will be Lavitz, rather than Dart, displaying the finishing move.
Gehrich 1700 HP Earth Home of Gigantos This battle's a tough one because Mappy uses his cheap "Instant Death" magic so your first priority is to take him out. Transform into a Dragoon with who ever you choose but if you have Shana in your party I would turn her into a Dragoon for the sake of her magic, also her Dragoon bow isn't half-bad either. Once you get rid of Mappy, take out Gehrich by using Haschel in his Dragoon form and have Shana cure him. If you didn't choose Shana, use Rose's "Astral Drain" or have Meru use light-based items if you have any to spare. The whole challenge of the battle ends when you take out Mappy.
Ghost Commander 1300 HP Dark Phantom Ship This is a fairly easy battle if Dart is a level 5 dragoon. If he is level 5 use "Final Burst" twice to get the Commander down.
Ghost Knight 300 HP Dark Phantom Ship Once Dart has used his "Final Burst" twice to get rid of the Commander, use your other party members to use additions or even Dragoon magic to take care of the minor Ghost knights
Gorgaga 200 HP Normal Lohan First off, this guy will cheat by poisoning you. If you are lucky you won't get poisoned, but if you happen to, quickly use a "Body Purifier". This guy isn't hard at all, Use some strong additions and this guy will run away crying.
Grand Jewel 4600 HP Earth Forbidden Land Oh my god, this guy is extremely tough, everyone who I know who has played LoD hates this thing so damn much. You can't turn into a Dragoon because he blocks Dragons and Dragoons The strategy for this guy is to train beforehand and master your best addition. the three characters to use for this battle are Dart (obviously) Albert and Kongol. The reason being that they are the ones with the highest HP if you used them at all. Use strong additions and cure all the time I don't blame you if it takes you a couple of tries to beat him. The LoD players I know, it took them at lest three times If he uses his damn All-elemental attack everything is over unless you saw it coming for some reason or other and guarded against. Good Luck! you are going to need it!
Greham 350 HP Wind Nest of Dragon This guy will always attack Lavitz, so keep a routine of healing Lavitz regularly. If you have Rose in your party, her "Astral Drain" is pretty effective. He has a habit of using wind magic, so be careful! Ya, so have Dart and Rose (or Lavitz) attack, and have Shana heal Lavitz, if you have her in your party.
Imago 12000 HP Normal Divine Tree Finally the evolved form, should you worry now? Nah. Use Haschel, Dart and Miranda for this battle have Miranda turn into a Dragoon, in case one of your party members fall. Imago likes to use Dispirited and Decourage. If Dart has the Therapy ring this will go smoother. The reason you want to use Haschel is because you want to hit her quick and hard. She has high HP so just hang in there
Indora 3000 HP Earth Moon That Never Sets Kongol's up! Kongol must fight his brother. If you have had Kongol in your party for a majority in the game this won't be a problem. Use Kongol's additions and this guy won't be a problem. When Kongol gets low on HP, heal then keep using additions. This guy could be tough, depending on whether you had Kongol in your party or not.
Jiango 1200 HP Earth Hellena Prison This battle is pretty tough. I suugest having Rose in your party because her "Astral Drain" is very effective. This guy is slow, so hit him hard and fast. He has a move in which he jumps a few times and rocks fall out of the sky, this will cause decent damage to everyone in your party. This boss has high HP, so I suggest turning into Dragoons, because this battle will take a while. Since this guy is of an earth element, Lavitz is a good idea in this battle. Jiango can and will cause confusion, so keep a couple of "Mind Purifier" handy. About half way through the match use a sachet on him. Hit him hard with additions. Right before he is about to wake up, turn your party into dragoons for more defense and attack power. This guy is pretty tough so try hard!
Kanzas 12000 HP Thunder Vellweb Start the battle by Using the Dragoon Special. Your party should be Dart, Albert and Haschel (with the Violet Dragon armor). Once you fire off the Special, have Dart use the usual Final Burst. Have Kongol use his Dragoon additions, and have Albert use blossom storm. This guy is especally good against Kongol, so have some protection for Kongol. This battle shouldn't be that hard it just takes some time.
Kamuy 3500 HP Normal Evergreen Forest Are you scared? Well, you should be; this ain't no puppy. This guy's Magic defence is high so no Dragoon magic this time. Stick with using Additions and curing regularily. This could be a long fight but hang in there and don't forget to use the "Guard" command.
Kongol 305 HP Earth Hoax So, it's your first time fighting Kongol, don't get excited, get scared! this guy isn't a push-over. He uses a lot of powerful attacks. Use Dart and Lavitz's strongest Additions while Shana uses recovery items. Whenever the guys get hit have Shana cure them. Just hang in there it won't go on forever!
Kongol 1025 HP Earth Black Castle Don't sit back and relax, because Kongol's back and he doesn't want to play games anymore. This time he faster, stronger and he also puts up a nasty little barrier to keep away magic attacks. The key to winning this fight is to have a lot of wind-based attack items, and Albert's "Gust of Wind Dance" addition can make things alot easier. Survive by protecting Albert while he attacks. You can't afford to lose him at a time like this.
Kubila 3200 HP Dark Law City Zenebatos The tall one on the left. Get rid of him first because he has a nasty habit of summoning those damn creatures from another dimension. He also casts Instant Death from time to time. Once you get rid of him move to Vector
Last Kraken 10000 HP Water Magical City Aglis This guy's nothing to worry about but he ain't no push over. Transform into the Dragoon Special have Dart use his Final Burst and have Albert and Kongol use their dragoon additions, but if you are using Miranda have her heal and have Haschel and Rose use their magic. Considering this guy's element is water Dart is good against him, so protect Dart.
Lavitz's Spirit 5500 HP Wind Death City Mayfil First of all you need some mind purifiers and some accessories to prevent confusion. Don't turn into Dragoons instead choose talk to Lavitz. When he exposes his back use some additions on him but when he turns around just "Guard". Repeat the Process until Zackwell shows himself.
Lenus 3400 HP Water Twin Castle Another hard battle ? oh yeah. If you chose to fight with Kongol, and you didn't train. this is going to be a long ride. If you got Kongol's dragoon stone, this battle will go alot smoother. This Wingly is fast! and when she hits, she hits hard. I suggest use a party with a good defence , high HP and good power, a good combination is Dart, Kongol and Albert (or Haschel). Hit her with strong additions, since Kongol is a newbie he will have his first addition it's powerful, but there is only two hits. Guard whenever you have a third of your maximum HP, then once she attacks you hit her with a "Gust of Wind Danse" or Crush danse. If Kongol just isn't working for you, restart, and use Haschel. The key to winning this battle is to hit her hard with some good additions, "Red Eye Dragon" also works well against her. Meru also works well in this battle because she can withstand Lenus attacks , so if your not happy with Kongol she is always an option.
Lenus 3000 HP Water Prison Island Ready for a rematch? Lenus is back in Dragoon form oh she also has a Dragon on her side. Scared? don't be. Lenus may be a dragoon but it didn't enhance her spells, it actually diminished them. If Dart is a level 5 dragoon that makes every thing a lot easier. Two final bursts will take out the Weak Sea Dragon. To take out Lenus use some fire-based items with the other party members, and use Dart's Dragoon magic. Albert's "Gust of Wind Danse" Works well also.
Light Sword 1000 HP Thunder Moon That Never Sets The light sword of "Dark Doel", get rid of this sword first. Use some "Gust of Wind Danse" additions to take it out.
Lloyd ??? HP Normal Lohan There is no strategy to beating this guy. The makers of LoD made him impossible for a reason. So no matter how many times you try you can't win so just face the fact of losing
Lloyd 6500 HP Normal Flanvel Tower You finally got a chance to duke it out with Lloyd. You know he's going to be hard so I don't have to tell you. DON'T turn into a Dragoon or else his Dragon buster will really bust you up causing instant death. He has an incredibly high evasive rate of about 40%. I got a trick that will cut his difficulty in half. First of all equip Dart with a talisman (he must have a talisman equipped for this to work) Transform Dart into a dragoon, Lloyd will attack him with the Dragon Buster but since Dart has the talisman equipped, Instant death will be prevented. So while Lloyd is attacking Dart your other party members (I suggest Albert and Kongol) can attack him or get cured. So basically you are using Dart as a decoy while the others attack. Even with this strategy he will give you a tough time.
Magician Faust 27000 HP Normal Flanvel Tower This guy is unbelievably hard! He has 27000 HP and he uses some very strong magic attacks. If you have a Legend Casque That will increase your odds of winning. You need to use people with high magic defence, so, Rose is good in this battle because she has good magic defence, and Meru has very good magic defence. Use your best, strongest additions, but don't use any magic, because this guy is the master of magic. Cure regularily, even if he hits you once, there is a pretty good chance that he will kill you next round. As I said before, a legend Casque would help a lot in this battle, if you have two (I doubt it though) that would be great. If you choose to use the special, stick to using your dragoon additions. This guy gives you 10 000 gold and 20 000 experience, so it's a good idea to try this guy out.
Mappy 600 HP Dark Barrens this battle is an easy one. Fight this battle as you would fight a normal enemy battle, but don't slack off too much. There are bandits which accompany Mappy, it really doesn't matter who you attack first, but I suggest getting rid of those annoying little bandits.
Melbu Frahma 42000 HP Normal Moon That Never Sets For some reason I beat this boss the first time I fought it. Anyway, this is the final fight and this is the longest battle in any RPG i've played! You must be at least level 45 or above, Dart must have his final addition (Blazing Dynamo) you must have a lot of recovery items. For this battle, use the characters you used throughout the game. Your in for a very long ride. Now I will list the forms of Melbu Frahma and how to beat them. 1st form:Don't use the Dragoon Special, save it for later, instead turn Dart into a Dragoon and have him use Dragon Cannon on him, it will shave off about 3000 HP. Melbu enjoys blocking your attacks, so use a combination of guarding and using additions. Eventually the background will change, which indicates a generation change 2nd form:Alright was that tough? don't relax just yet, it just gets harder from here on in. It's second form is roughly the same but, instead Melbu uses a beam of light that can reduce your HP to half if you are using someone like Meru. He also has another annoying attack, he sucks in a character for a couple of rounds, then spits him out later, causing serious damage to your character. have one of your party members turn into a Dragoon, as long as it's not Dart, save Dart's Dragoon for the next Generation. This Generation goes by faster than the previous one. 3rd form:The easiest form of them all. He now summons two creatures that cause some good damage. Get rid of them with some strong additions. Turn Dart into a Dragoon and have him use his cannon. Keep using strong additions and recovery items when you need to and it will be over before you know it. 4th form:Going from the easiest to the hardest. Now you should panic if you weren't already. He is tough, He is physically strong , has good defence and has powerful attacks. Two words DRAGOON SPECIAL! This would be a perfect time to use it. His attacks are possessing a character, when he does this you can not attack him ,he can summon two creatures which can instantly kill you, He can make a picture of one of your characters and then cuts it in half, causing massive damage to weak characters and he has taken a page from the Dragoon Block Staff, he reduces your Dragoon power and defence by half. Boy! Hang in there and hopefully you have some Angel Prayers. Note: I was level 50 when I beat this boss and he was pretty easy for me, so if you are having trouble, I say level up!!
Michael ????? HP Dark Moon That Never Sets "Guard". That's right "Guard". Guard until Rose exchanges some phrases. You can't do any damage to it and you can't turn into a Dragoon either. Wait until Rose mentions something about a "blind spot". An option will then appear choose to learn about the blind spot. Rose then explains that he will eventually expose his core. That's when you attack it. It shouldn't take more than two or three rounds.
Michael (Core) 1500 HP Dark Moon That Never Sets Once he exposes his core, attack with Dart using his strong additions. Like I said in the "Michael" strategy it shouldn't take more than two or three rounds.
Polter Armor 3800 HP Dark Fort Magrad This is where you get Dart's final weapon so I suggest doing this battle even though it's optional. Take care of the armor to stop the strong magic attacks. Use your strong additions and before you now it the armor will fall.
Polter Helm 2400 HP Dark Fort Magrad Now you have gotten rid of the Armor and sword. Use your special now , even though you can get through this battle without it. Hit the helm with some Dragoon additions and Magic. This should go by fast considering it has the least amount of HP out of the three.
Polter Sword 2800 HP Dark Fort Magrad Once you have gotten rid of the Polter armor, it's now time for the sword. The sword likes to use death attacks he has a thousand less HP than the Armor but once he dies he Instantly kills one of your characters, so get ready to use a Angel's Prayer as soon as the Sword dies. After the sword dies it's on to the helm.
Pupa 2500 HP Normal Divine Tree You don't even need a strategy for this guy, literally, he is just a creature to practise additions on, it doesn't even attack! Pound on it for a while, then it will transform again.
Regole 3200 HP Water Prison Island Lenus' dragon. This battle isn't easy! The Dragon has very strong magic attacks, so you'll want it dead as soon as possible. Transform Dart into a dragoon and use his strongest magic. "Guard" and use recovery items on Dart only after he has transformed back into a human, his Dragoon form can take a beating. Fire-based attack items are also very good in this battle. Have everyone use them, unless their actual attack does more than the item (I doubt it though). If you have those items, this battle will be a lot easier.
Sandora Elite 260 HP Dark Hoax If you have any light-based attack items, now would be a time to use them, because this guy is of a Dark element. Hit him with strong additions and always remember to "Guard" when low on HP. When this guy has about half of his max HP he will split up into three. It is your job to find out which one is the real elite. From this part on he will keep dividing himself, so just keep trying to choose the right.
Sandora Elite 500 HP Dark Black Castle This is just a beefed-up version of the Sandora Elite with 260 HP. Basically if you have any light-based attack items, this battle is as good as won. Use Lavitz's and Dart's strongest additions to take the Sandora Elite early.
Serfius 200 HP Fire Lohan There's nothing to worry about in this battle, it's rather easy. Just stick to using some strong additions. Once you reduce his HP to half, he will then power-up and the damage he takes will be halved. No worries, keep using strong additions. Then finally he will admit that you are too powerful for him.
Selebus 3000 HP Dark Law City Zenebatos The annoying executioner who keeps healing the other two, but once you have taken care of Vector and Kubila she poses no threat. She has very high Magic defence so use some strong additions ("Gust of Wind Danse" heh heh heh).
Shirley ???? HP Light Shirley's Shrine You will have to answer the questions she asks successfully to progress through this battle. Question 1: To protect those we love. Question 2: To pursue the black monster. Question 3: Of course get revenge. Question 4:Shana. Question 5: That's not like you. Question 6: Shana needs me! Question 7: No matter what, I will go. Question 8 Mother. Question 9: I've never thought about it. Answer all of the questions correctly, and you will be victorious!
Super Virage Arm 3000 HP Normal Moon That Never Sets Go for the Head!
Super Virage Body 15000 HP Normal Moon That Never Sets Go for the Head!
Super Virage Head 10000 HP Normal Moon That Never Sets The Super Virage, is he super hard? no, what a joke. Have Dart use the Dragoon Special and go full fledge towards the head. Use the Dragon summons they work pretty good here. The super virage's only good attack is a laser beam, but if you're a Dragoon it doesn't cause that much damage. Once you kill the head it will explode and damage your party members but if you are a Dragoon you have nothing to worry about. You can kill it if you go straight for the body but it takes longer that way and this way is easier.
Syuveil 10000 HP Wind Vellweb I suggest being in the mid forties to make this battle easier. This guy has the same attacks as Albert, including his, uh, DRAGON! Equip the Jade dragon armor so that Syuevil won't cause any damage to Albert. Have Dart use his Blazing Dynamo and have Albert heal with lots of recovery items. If you are using Kongol he can do great damage with his dragoon magic, but it's a double-edged sword meaning Gaspless or the Jade Dragon can do astounding damage to Kongol But If you have Albert using those recovery items on Kongol, the battle will go easier.
Urobolus 270 HP Earth Limestone Cave The attack items "Burn-out" and "Spark Net" are useful here. Well, you can either go all-out on this snake or you can let the people without "Poison Guard" Guard, and the people with the "Poison Guard" go for some strong additions. After you hurt him enough he will hide his body behind a rock and then only Shana can attack with her arrows, but you can always use "Burn-Out" and "Spark Net" to shave some HP off. He will then come out again in time. Then just attack him remembering to cure regularily.
Vector 4000 HP Dark Law City Zenebatos The executioner in the middle. Because he is weak to magic have one of your characters cast Dragoon magic on him. Beware! he can turn into a Giant, when Selebus kisses him (how romantic) when he does turn big I suggest using Final Burst on him. tell him to kiss that!!
Volcano Ball 50 HP Fire Volcano Villude The ball belonging to Fire Bird. Attack him with two strong additions, and that will be "all she wrote".
Windigo 10000 HP Water Kashua Glacier One word. Dart! Dart is the key to this battle, this guy is terribly weak against to fire, so final burst shave's around 1800 HP of this loser. If you have the Heat blade it makes this battle go even faster. Whatever you do don't lose Dart as he is very valuable in this battle, in fact use your other party members to heal him regularily. This battle isn't that hard as long as you have a healthy Dart!
Zackwell 8000 HP Dark Death City Mayfil This guy won't let Lavitz rest peacefully, so lets waste him. Preform the Dragoon Special and use whatever you want, yep, that's right, I'll let you choose, but make him die a horrible death, for Lavitz. If you are really stuck and don't know what to use I suggest Albert Blossom Storm and have Kongol use his Dragoon additions, Dart, well, have Dart use his Dragoon additions also.
Zieg Feld 12000 HP Fire Moon That Never Sets Boy, this guy is fast, and this is a pretty hard battle because Dart has lost his Dragoon Spirit. Transform your other party members into Dragoons, but don't use spells because he is immune to all spells (because he is non-elemental) instead use your dragoon additions. He doesn't have that much HP so this battle shouldn't take very long.

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