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Town Name Numberof Stardust in Town Exact Location
Seles 1 -In the graveyard.Check the tombstones.
Bale 6 -In the weapon shop(check the row of spears). -The well in the middle of the street. -On the lowest level of the castle(Check the blacksmith's fireplace) -Third floor of the castle.(Check the area at the upper left). -Turn the wheel in the castle's basement, Give the good spirits to the drunk Dran, ride the boat until you are prompted to go off. Enter the area and check the north wall. -In the kitchen at Lavitz's house, check the area where Shana and lavitz's mom were cooking.
Hoax 2 -After the conversation with Kaiser, climb the stairs and enter the house on the left.(Check near the fireplace). -Go back to where you meet Kaiser. Don't talk to him yet!!!! Search the lower left corner of the room.
7th knighthood 1 -After your six fights, enter the stronghold (Check the fireplace beside bed.
Lohan 4 -Enter the house on the lower leftof the huge bird house. Climb the ladder and you will notice a bookcase. Stand in front of the bookcase and climb when prompted to. once in the new area, climkb down the ladder to the right . Go to the left and search the green area. -Enter Dabas' s you will then automatically talk to him and run out. Go back in and climb upo the ladders until you see a suit of armor, search it to find the stardust. -Go to the area full of merchants, and continue right into the next area.There will be a basket, beside a caged animal, check the basket. -Near the entrance, cheack the barrel full of water.
Kazas 6 -The first house on the left, check the barrels. -The first house on the right, climb up the ladder, check right beside the chest. -Enter the third house on the right, search the area to the left of the counter. -In the second area, the first room on the right, Check the bookcase. -Climb down the ladder on the right, enter the first door to the right, check the barrels. -From the last stardust, check the barrels in the upper left part.
Fletz 5 -Enter the bar, check the barrels of wine. -The small building next to the church, check the table. -In the weapon shop, check the weapons. -In the jewelry shop, check the large blue stone. -In the item shop, check the jars.
Twin castle 2 -Check the suit of armor -The room with with a purple door, Check the altar.
Donau 2 -The well near the entrance -the Mayor's house, check the top left corner.
Home of Gigantos 1 -Check the right torch.
Queen fury 2 -Check the box right next to Kongol. -In the cabin, check the pipe on the right.
Lidiera 1 -In the largest house, climb the ladder, climb the other ladder, check the desk on the right.
Fueno 2 -In the clinic, check the painting on the right. -In the inn, check the barrels under the stairs.
Furni 2 -The first house on right, check the pile of junk. Teo's house, check the crystal ball.
Neet 1 -Check the lamp at the beginning.
Deningrad 5 -In the weapon/items, check the two cloths.(there are two stardusts here) -In the inn, check the wheels next to the treatment lights upstairs. -Check the entrance to shana's room. -Check the entrance next to Luanna.
Wingly forest 2 -Guaraha's house, check the upper right corner of the house. -The room where you meet the ancestor Blano, near the pillar.
Velweb 1 -Enter the tower of the seven Dragoons, go to the first tower on the right.
Ulara 3 -After the dialogue about the flowers, check the flowers next to the save point. -In the weapon's shop, check the vase to the right. -Once in Charle's room, check the dark flower next to the red flowers.
Rouge 1 -In Martel's room, check the jar beside the mess.

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