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Secret Quests

Magician Faust Secret Quest

Once at Kashua glacier, Continue along the path until you have a choice to go either left or right. If you head right, you will end up on a screen that has two merchants. I highly suggest that you stock up on recovery items at this time, as they will be needed against Faust. Proceed, and you will see a lot of icicles you can climb down. Climb down to the bottom, then head to the next screen. Then go up, and you will end up in Flanvel tower. Once you get to the top, you will notice a save point. Save, then take the teleporter on the right. There will be a treasure chest (Therapy ring). Once you have tried to access the teleporter, a man will suddenly appear, he tells you that his name is Faust. After some discussion, he will demand that you leave.

Note: You cannot win this battle without the vanishing stone (the stone which you get from Martel after getting all 50 stardusts).

Take the teleporter and keep traveling until you see another teleporter. Hop on it. Upon arrival, head forward and you will be in a room with five teleporters, a treasure chest (Dragon Helm) and a save point. Save, ignore the teleporters for now, and take any path. You will end up in a room that has 3 roads, 3 teleporters, and a platform in the middle. Advance to the platform. Dart will then say that Faust is located in one of these 3 paths. After Dart's comment a path will break. Go back to the room with the 5 teleporters then take another path, you will come to a different part of the room that held the breaking path. Proceed on the path, then that will crumble. Return back to the 5 teleporters room. Then save. Then try the only path that is left, and you will end up on the same path as Faust! Continue to the platform. The path will break (once again), and you will then practically land on Faust. Let's get ready to rumble!!!! (Refer to my boss strategy if having problems). You get a phantom shield and a smoke bomb when you defeat him. After the battle, get the treasure chests (Dancer's Shoes) and (Holy Ankh)

Snowfield Secret Quest

In the Snowfield, head to the screen where you see the sign. You will then fall through the snow. Meru begins throwing snowballs at you and Rose tells you background information on this place. After some dialogue, proceed forward,and you will see a treasure chest (Midnight Terror) along the way. Once you have entered the fort you will see a short flashback. You will notice a treasure chest (Stunning Hammer) after collecting it head forward and you will see a save point and a treasure chest(Poison Needle). Head to the center, and you will see another flashback . Once the flashback is over, a red sword will come out of the wall and come toward you. After defeating the Polter sword, you will get the a soul eater. Head forward and collect the two treasure chests (Armor of Yore) and (Panic Bell). Then head out of the place

Vellweb Secret Quest

Return to Vellweb for a second time. Once you have arrived, you will see 7 towers. Shirley will then appear and talk to you. She will then disappear. Remember this spot because you can use it to heal yourself! i will just list what is in each of the towers.

1.Rose's Tower - Stardust.

2.Albert's/Syuevil's Tower - Syuevil boss battle. Get a green stone for winning.

3.Dart's/Zieg's tower - Nothin'!

4.Shirley's tower - Nothin'!

5.Kongol's/Belzac's tower - Belzac boss battle. Get a golden stone for winning.

6.Meru's/Damia's tower - Damia boss battle. Get a sea stone for winning.

7.Haschel's/Kanzas' tower - Kanzas Boss battle. Get a purple electric stone for winning.

And that is it for the sidequests!!!

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