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Dragoon Level-Up

User Level Spirit Points
For all characters 1 100
For all characters 2 1200
For all characters 3 6000
For all characters 4 12000
For all characters 5 20000

Dragoon Spells

Red-Eye dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Dart Flameshot Fire strength 50% single enemy
Dart Explosion Fire strength 25% all enemies
Dart Final Burst Fire strength 75% single enemy
Dart Red-Eyed Dragon Fire strength 175% all enemies

Divine Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Dart Divine Dragon Ball Non-elemental strength 50% all enemies
Dart Divine Dragon Cannon Non-elemental strength 100% single enemy

White Silver Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Shana/Miranda Moon Light Ally single 100% revive & recover
Shana/Miranda Star Children Light strength 25% all enemies
Shana/Miranda Gates of Heaven Allies all 100% recover
Shana/Miranda White Silver Dragon Light strength 100% all enemies & HP

Jade Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Lavitz/Albert Wing Blaster Wind strength 25% all enemies
Lavitz/Albert Blossom Storm/Rose Storm Damage resist 50% during 3 turns
Lavitz/Albert Gaspless Wind strength 100% single
Lavitz/Albert Jade Dragon Wind strength 75% all enemies

Dark Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Rose Astral Drain Dark strength 25% single enemy & HP
Rose Death Dimension Dark strength 25% & casts fear on all enemies
Rose Demon's Gate Lethal attack for all enemies
Rose Dark Dragon Dark strength 100% single enemy

Violet Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Haschel Atomic Mind Thunder strength 50% single enemy
Haschel Thunder Kid Thunder strength 65% single enemy
Haschel Thunder God Thunder strength 75% single enemy
Haschel Violet Dragon Thunder strength 100% single enemy

Blue Sea Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Meru Freezing Ring Water strength 50% single enemy
Meru Rainbow Breath HP recover & cure for all allies
Meru Diamond Dust Water strength 50% all enemies
Meru Blue Sea Dragon Water strength 100% single enemy

Golden Dragon

User Spell Name Effect
Kongol Grand Stream Earth strength 25% all enemies
Kongol Meteor Strike Earth strength 50% all enemies
Kongol Golden Dragon Earth strength 75% all enemies

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