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Name Picture Description
Dart The main character of "The Legend of Dragoon". Having lost both of his parents to the Black Monster, he sets out on a journey to avenge his parents death. During his journey he finds willingly companions that will travel with him to the end. He has strong connections to all of his companions he travels with, but dosen't know it yet.
Shana An old and close friend of Dart's, she has waited 5 years for Dart's return. Finally meeting with Dart at Hellena prison, she insists to help Dart find the Black Monster. After several attempts to make Shana reconsider, She just dosen't take "no" for an answer, and joins Dart on his long and dangerous adventure.
Lavitz A loyal and devoted guard to King Albert, he is captured during a battle and taken to Hellena prison where he meets Dart and Shana. Dart decides to call a truce with Lavitz and help him look for king Albert, but until then, Lavitz will aid him in battle.
Rose A mysterious and reticent traveler that accompanies Dart throughout the game. Although her past is unclear to everyone including Dart, he suggests travelling with her to pursue the Black Monster. She possess' the power to transform into a mighty warrior, the Dragoon. She somehow knows a lot about Dart's past.
Albert The king of the Basil region, Although Albert is a friendly and generous King to the people of his kingdom, when provoked he can be quite dangerous. He agrees to travel with Dart, due to a suprising, but terrible event.
Haschel An experienced martial arts master, he has been studying martial arts for over 25 years and has mastered the way of the fist. He finds Dart in the hero competition in Lohan. It turns out that Haschel is on a quest for his missing granddaughter and would be more than happy to join Dart. Haschel granddaughter and Dart's mother have the same name, could there be a connection?
Meru Although she is very annoying and gives lots of headaches, she could prove to be a useful companion. Exploring in Donau, the flower city, Dart and co. find her being harrased by some bandits. Being charmed by Dart's looks, (I guess) she then suggests traveling with Dart and friends. Dart thinks it over and comes to the conclusion of taking her along.


She is one of the sacred sisters of Mille Seseau. She keeps her past hidden to everyone including Dart. She used to have a strong connection with her mother but over the years the gap between them grew.
Kongol Armed with a enormous axe, this Gigantos (kind of like a Hybrid of a giant and human) is a force not to be reckoned with. Kongol and his brother were saved by Emperor Doel at a young age and he swears his life to protect Doel. This could be a huge problem for Dart and co.!

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