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Mini Games

Name Location Prize Description/Strategy
Monster Crazy Lohan None The point of this game is to hit as many monsters in the game as possible. Sounds easy right. Well here's the trick the monsters throw balls back at you. If that wasn't enough they have obstacles which they can hide from you, but don't worry it isn't that hard. The trick here is to watch the monsters movement and throw balls like crazy considering the supply is unlimited.
Where's The Bird? Lohan 3 tickets You see three identical men the only exception is that one of them is holding a bird under his hat. Once the three remove their hats remember the man with the bird because in the next scene they get mixed around! because each time is different, ignore the other men and only pay close attention to the one with the bird under his hat at all times.
What's Wrong With The Scene? Lohan 3 tickets Once you meet up with the manager he will introduce you to a room. Pay very close attention to this room observe every detail. Once he has given you time to look at the room. The curtains close and things get switched around. You must then tell him the 4 things that got switched around. Spend a lot of times looking at the room. Pay close attention espically to the small details.
The Obstacle Course Lohan 3 tickets You have a limited amount of time to reach the other end of the obstacle course. But it wouldn't be an obstacle course without obstacles. Dodge each of the obstacles by pressing the "x" button and one of the directional buttons. If you reach the end without getting hit by one of the obstacles and before time expires you win! time your moves right! study the pattern of the obstacles, so you know when to go.
Crazy Chopping The kitchen of the "Queen Fury" 1g You play this game with the cook of the "Queen Fury". The person who chops the most vegetables within the time limit wins. If it comes to a draw the person with the most chopping wins. Cut the vegetables by pressing the "x" button repeatedly. Continue to press until you finish that piece. Once the sailor places the next vegetable, stop pressing the "x" button, or else he will stop his hand since it's dangerous.

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