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Hive: NorthWest Area

If you followed my previous directions you should arrive to this area from the south. This is the north-west section of The Hive.
A little north, you will find a strange man surrounded by dead lim-lims, his name's Mar. Talk to him and he will hand you a box and ask you to deliver it to a man named Ku'atraa, you can find him inside his warehouse near the Smoldering Corpse Bar. Details.
Note: You'll have to get the box to Ku'atraa, then to Brasken, then to Shilandra, then to Aola. It's very simple (if not boring).
Note: After getting the box uncursed return to see Mar (he's a bit more to the north from where he was last time), fearing for his life he will offer you a hollow axe, 500 copper coins and 1250 exp.
More to the north is a man named Porphiron, he's a warrior-pacifist (go figure). Anyway, his necklace was stolen by thugs near the smoldering corpse bar, offer to get it back. The 3 thugs are west of the smoldering corpse bar and they all wear red clothes. Details.
Note: Once you return the necklace, Porphiron will teach you how to use your weapons better, meaning, he will increase your skill with a weapon of your choosing (providing you have proficiency points available). He can only teach you up to the 2nd slot of any weapon though.
Even more to the north is Fleece (yet another thief). Talk to him for a while, when you try to leave he will pick your pocket, bait him into do it again to gain one of the following:
-750 exp and +1 to pickpocket skill (WIS below
13 and INT 13);
-1000 exp and +3 to pickpocket skill (WIS 13-15);
-1250 exp and +5 to pickpocket skill (WIS 16);
Afterwards you can grab his hand (13 DEX) and ask for your money back.
Ok, now it's time to enter the building in the center of this section. It's the Flophouse and you can rest there.
Talk to Arlo and agree to help him get rid of Nestor. Details
Careful around Nestor, he's one arrow short of a full quiver if you know what I mean. Anyway, talk to him and learn that he got his fork stolen and will only leave when he get's it back, leave the Flophouse and proceed to the north-west, the man who stole Nestor's fork should be around there. His name's One Ear. Details.
There's another person you might want to talk to while on this area. A collector named Mhult. You can talk to him about collecting (bodies) mostly.
After finishing up here you can head north, towards the Ragpickers Square, or, if you haven't yet, you can head back and go to the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

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