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Hive: Ragpicker's Square

Head north from where you enter the Ragpicker's Square and you'll come across a strange fellow named "Marrow Fiend", he thinks you're dead and will try to take a bite of you, notice the fingerbone he's eating. Tell him he can take a bite of you in exchange for the fingerbone. Once you have the fingerbone use it and replace your old finger with it for a Mempa's Biting Ring.
There should be a house behind Marrow, enter it. Inside you'll find only one piece of junk inside a container, try to leave and discover that there is no exit! Around that time a collector named Vlask will appear. Kill him and his buddies for some nice exp and items, then, use the Portal Key you took from Vlask's body and leave the house.
By a house a little to the south is Ratbone, he can train you to be a thief for 50 gold pieces, depending on your dexterity you'll get some experience points:
-2500 exp (DEX 12 or less);
-3125 exp (DEX 13 to 15);
-3438 exp (DEX 16 or 17);
-3750 exp (DEX 18 or more);
You only get exp the first time he trains you.
Now, enter the house east of Ratbone and meet his boss Sharegrave. Talk to him about Pharod but don't say you are friends with him. You can then offer to find out were Pharod get's his bodies (and ask for a reward up to 200 copper commons). Details.
A little west of Sharegrave's shack you'll find a crazed collector named "Yellow Fingers", talk to him and he'll say the skull (Morte) belongs to him, leave peacefully and observe his pickpocket attempt for 200 exp and +1 pickpocket skill, after that I usually grab his hand and terminate his pitiful existance.
South of Yellow Fingers are two houses you can enter, one of them has five cranium rats you can kill for their tails. The other is the home of the wizard Jarym, you can help him find a ruby he needs to continue his researches. You can use the one Aola took from the Box of Moridor. Details.
Note: There is 1 stiletto, 1 blood charm and 28 copper commons in one of Jarym's drawers, if you want to take the items, wait until you finish the quest, because Jarym will become hostile when you do.
Wandering around this area is a collector named Nodd, talk to him and ask him a question, then leave and he will ask you a question. Listen to him and agree to help him find his sister Amarysse, she's south of the Smoldering Corpse Bar. Details.
Now go inside the Midwife's hut and meet Mebbeth, this old woman is very useful to you, besides healing you, letting you rest there and selling you stuff she can also teach you the Art (train you to be a mage). Before she actually trains you to be a mage you have to perform a series of tasks for her, they're all pretty straightforward, but if you have any trouble with any of the tasks, look it up in the Quests section.
Note: When you are done with your errands you can explain their meaning to Mebbeth for 1000 exp (if you have 14 WIS or 14 INT).
Now that you became a mage you can learn the way of Zerthimon from Dak'kon, just ask him to teach you the Art. See more details here. I recommend doing this as soon as you can because Dak'kon will gain some bonuses to his stats once you go through all the circle's teachings.
Before proceeding, be sure to take care of any unfinished business you have. When you're done make for the wodden bridge and at it's end thrust a piece of junk through the arches to open a portal to the other side, once on the other side of the portal go west and through the big door to enter the Trash Warrens.

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