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As you enter, a collector named Anamoli will approach you and try to pick a fight. To avoid any bloodshed, you can tell him that 'killing people for their bodies is a good way to meet the Lady'. Or, if you're fast enough, you can run past him instead.
Head east and stop by the shelves, to get the following: 1 bandages, 1 lesser dustman embalming charm, 1 piece of junk and 1 rusty dagger.
If you're in need of more junk pieces (not likely), go north-east, there are 2 pieces laying on the ground.
Now, head south, and take the first west turn. You will probably have to kill some thugs along the way, but keep heading that way. At the end of that path lies a big crate, inside are 3 cranium rat tails, 1 high quality stilleto, 37 copper commons, 1 dirty rat charm and 1 cranium rat charm.
Head back to the intersection and take the east path this time. Keep heading east until you come to a big arch. As you might have guessed, it's a portal door, and it's key a cranium rat tail. On the other side of the portal are a bunch of cranium rats, these little critters might prove to be a more of a challenge than thugs when in large numbers, so be careful, and save before entering the portal.
After disposing of the rats, don't forget to pick up their tails. Also, be sure to search the western crate for some good stuff: 314 copper commons, a sadistic frame, a club of nettles, 2 clot charms and 1 scroll of magic missile.
Afterwards, go back through the portal and to the last intersection, but head south this time.
Turn east at the next intersection (worry not, this is the last of the intersections), keep following this path until you're accosted by a man named Bish. Just tell him you are looking for Pharod and he'll let you by (1200 exp). Head through the trapped door behind him to enter the Buried Village.

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