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Buried Village

Yea, you're in the Buried Village now. Cool huh?
Start off by going down the street until you reach a pile of crates. You can find some fist irons inside the top crate.
South, next to a large house is another pile of crates. One of them as a battle axe, 1 bandages and 13 copper commons. After you get the items, enter the house.
This is the house of Marta, the local seamstress. Talk to her and learn more about her scrounging ways. After, ask to purchase some needle and thread from her, now you can say you were sent pick up stuff from her (which gets you the gauntlets of teeth plus some needle and thread), or you can say you just want to buy stuff from her (which gets you access to her store). With 15 INT you can also ask her to dig around your body for stuff. Have her dig in your intestins for a twisted ring (500 exp). Don't forget to keep the removed intestins, you'll need 'em later on.
Note: There's some needle in of the barrels here.
A bit to the east of Marta's house, near another building, is a man named Ku'u Yin. Listen to his story, and offer to get his number back (it's a tattoo). A woman named Radine has it, she's probably hangin out south-west of Ku'u Yin. Details. You get 2500 exp for returning the tattoo to it's rightful owner.
Note: There's a loon living in the house behind Ku'u Yin, apparently he speaks with someone that lives in the walls and...there's really no point into talking with him, so don't bother.
Head to Quint's Shop now (north, north-east).
If you're a real money grubber, you can also stop by the house west of Quint's. There are 3 gold pieces in one of the it's drawers.
Note: There's a poor quality stiletto in a pile of rags next to the shop's entrance.
Talk to Quint (without pissing him off) and ask about jobs, he'll then tell you of the collector Gris and the poison charm. Offer to get the charm back. Normaly, getting the charm back would involve a little trip to the catacombs, but since I'm such a nice guy, I'll tell you were it's hidden, right here in the Buried Village. Get it from the trash pile south of Marta's house (x=1052, y=1672). You get a kick-ass 7500 exp (plus 250 coins) upon delivery of the charm.
Exit Quint's shop, and walk a ways south until you meet a collector named Uhir. Listen to his story and offer to find his knife. You'll find it later on, so don't worry about it now. Details.
Before leaving the area, be sure to pick up all the nifty items scattered around here.
There's some punch daggers and 3 bandages in a box, near a crate pile, close to Uhir's position. There's also a leg bone club and 23 coins in a pile of rags (also close to Uhir). A bit more to the south you can find more crates, one of them has a bone charm (x=3029, y=2275). And lastly, near were Radine was, in yet another pile of crates, you can find a silver earring and a tarnished silver bracelet (x=2124, y=2093), plus another 5 coins inside the house east of those crates.
Oke, time to meet with Pharod, so head to the north-eastern exit to enter Pharod's Court.
Finally caught up with Pharod! Impressed? Neither was I. Anyway, Pharod will relinquish very little information at this point, for more important info you'll have to find him a bronze sphere!! Well lucky you, there's one in the catacombs right around the corner just wating to be picked. But before getting to that, make sure you ask Pharod where he gets his bodies, Emoric will pay good for this info. With 14 CHR you can also insult him when her compares himself to a mage (500 exp).
Get any supplies you might need and hop along to the catacombs gate on the south-eastern part of the village.

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