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Weeping Stone Catacombs

In the catacombs your biggest worry should be the cranium rat packs. When in great numbers, these little rodents get access to mage spells such as adder's tear and ball lightning.
Note: There's 4 coins in the grave north to where you came in.
Note: You can talk to one of the bodies near the entrance, but only when you get the Stories-Bones-Tell ability.
Head down and take the north turn on the first intersection, take the north turn on the second intersection as well. There's 1 copper common, an antler axe and a piece of junk inside the barrel at the second intersection.
Now, take the first the door to the north, and enter the Shattered Crypt. A bunch of lesser vargouilles will attack once you get to the center of the room so watch yourself. There's some punch daggers of moorin, a high quality stiletto, a leg bone club and a skull in one of the bone piles here, there's also 510 copper coins in a crate not far from that bone pile.
Note: Regular skulls and wererat skulls are useless don't even bother to take them.
After exiting the Shattered Crypt, head north-west and enter the Crypt of the Embraced. There are a bunch of coffins here, open the big one in the middle and three ghouls will appear, these guys can prove to be a challenge, but hopefully you should be strong enough to take care of them by now. The guy in the big sarcophagus is Gris, you'll have to come back later if you want to speak to him (Stories-Bones-Tell ability required).
Head back to the first intersection, but go south this time. The body at the next intersection has 1 rusty dagger, 1 bandages and 1 skull. Follow the north-western path and enter the Crypt of Dismemberment.
Note: There's a shamanic rod in one of the coffins at the Crypt of Dismemberment's entrance.
Make a run for it past the traps and go down to the lower floor. Here you can find an arm that belonged to one of your past incarnations!! Hold on to it, and take it to Fell later, this will trigger some cool stuff I'll also explain later. You can head back out after getting the severed arm.
Note: You can speak to one of the bodies in the blood pool on the lower level (x=929, y=953), it's not important stuff, but if you feel like it, return when you learned Stories-Bones-Tell ability.
Make your way back to the last intersection and take the west path this time. One of the faces in the wall will engage you shortly after, it's name is Glyve, listen to it's story and offer to bring back the decanter it needs (you need to do this if you want to get Ignus). The decanter is in another section of the catacombs, we'll get to it later.
When you're done with Glyve head west into the Mosaic Crypt. Take the 212 copper commons and the enchanted hammer from the casket and leave.
Note: There's 6 copper coins in one of the vases outside the Mosaic Crypt.
Ok, only two places left to go. The Warrens of Thought up to the northeast and the Dead Nations down to the south. We'll go to the Dead Nations next and leave the Warrens of Thought for later.
Before heading to the Dead Nations, you might want to stop down the south-west room though, there's some items there. 3 coins, 1 rags, 3 bandages, 1 skull and 1 jar of embalming fluid to be precise.
Go east to the Dead Nations, the dead guy at the entrance is Chad (the one Glyve told you about), you might want to check up on him once you have the Stories-Bones-Tell ability. For now, onward to the Dead Nations!

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