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Dead Nations

You're in the Dead Nations now, and by the looks of your welcoming committee, you were being expected. Submit to them...for now.
You'll be taken to Soego's room; talk to him, take the bandages from the barrels and head out.
Note: You can rest here.
Stop by the boxes in the corridor and take 1 junk, 2 battle axe, 1 battle axe of quality and 500 copper commons from them.
Note: You can leave the junk, you only need one of those.
In the chapel, check the bookshelves for a scroll of blood bridge.
Head south and make for the chapel's exit/entrance, look through the containers at the entrance for the following: 3 bone charm, 1 rusty dagger and 1 bone dagger.
Hargrimm should also be around here, talk to him if you want to know how stuff works in the Dead Nations.
Take the east corridor and head down. Pick up 1 wooden club, 2 clot charms, 4 rags, 324 coins, 1 junk and 1 charcoal charm from the boxes/barrels along that corridor. Once you reach a small hall, speak to the Puzzled Skeleton and he'll tell you a riddle. You can figure it out if you have 18 INT (6250 exp).
With 16 INT you can get the answer from the Riddling Skeleton instead (this one's further south), just play a riddle game with him and when he's stumbled ask for the other riddle's answer (6250 exp as well).
Head east (north-east) from that hall and take the 2 rusty daggers from the chest. Then head back south and speak to the doubtful skeleton, learn about his dilemma; return to Soego and tell him about this. While he's away; inspect his slab and read his journal. After discovering he's working for Many-as-One, there's two things you can do:
1. Tell Hargrimm and let him deal with it (3750 exp);
2. You deal with it, and tell Hargrimm later (270+3750 exp);
I usually do the 2nd. You also might want to keep Soego's skull, it will be useful later on.
Go back to near the Doubtful Skeleton, and take the west turn to where all the zombies are. Talk to Stale Mary, the head zombie there. Talk to her and ask her to teach you to speak with the dead (3750 exp).
Now we will deal with the permission to exit the Dead Nations. There are a couple of ways to do this:
1. Kill some cranium rats for Hargrimm and then ask him to speak to the Silent King on your behalf (3750+7500 exp). Details;
2. After Hargrimm refuses to help you, ask Stale Mary to let you see the Silent King (3750 +7500 exp), this one requires 16 CHR;
3. Kill the rats for Hargrimm but don't ask him to speak to Silent King, then return to Mary and do the same as in step 2 (3750+3750+7500 exp), also requires 16 CHR.
I usually go with step 3 (for obvious reasons), use a "friends" scroll or a tattoo to boost your charisma if you need.
One way to finish the game, is to become the Silent King (available in steps 2 and 3). This isn't a very fun way to finish the game so...don't do it.
There's a couple of other things you can do while you're still here, go back to near the Puzzled Skeleton and look for a Nameless Zombie. Using the Stories-Bones-Tell ability you can now communicate with her. Do so, and think up of new name for her (5000 exp).
You might also want to check up on the local merchant, he's in the small hall south of the one Nameless Zombie is in.
Head to near the Nations' entrance and meet Acaste, she's the leader of the ghouls. There's really no need to speak to her, but if you're in the mood for some evil/chaotic deeds, talk to her and tell her about the Silent King's death, this will cause her to go rampant and attack. Not very advisable...
Also near the entrance, is the ghoul who took Uhir's knife (you do remember Uhir, don't you?). You'll need to give him 6 cranium rat tails in exchange for the knife (600 exp).
Okay, almost all done here. Only thing left is to see Chad, the corpse outside the Dead Nations. Use Stories-Bones-Tell on him and then agree to kill the vargouilles in exchange for some info. Details.
Go back to the Dead Nations and take the east path near the entrance to go down to the Drowned Nations.
Note: There's 1 junk, 1 rags and 3 bandages inside the barrels before the Drowned Nations' entrance.
Note: Now is also a good time to visit the Warrens of Thought area, I usually only go there after the Drowned Nations though.

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