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Drowned Nations

This is the Drowned Nations, whether you came in from the Dead Nations, or the Warrens of Thought, you'll arrive in pretty much the same spot.
You'll be introduced to a new type of enemy in this area, the Trocopotocas; they're big, white, crocodille-like beasts. Not hard to beat though.
Start by heading east and killing the trocopotoca for the two frightened ghouls. Don't forget to loot the body behind the trocopotoca (1 blood charm, 27 gold, 1 skull and 1 abyssal pipe).
Go down the corridor and at the first intersection, kill the trocopotoca and turn left. There, kill another 3 trocopotocas and take 371 copper commons from one of the crates.
Back up to the intersection and go down this time, turn left at the next intersection and go to the end of the room. There's 1 blood charm, 31 copper commons, 1 war hammer and 1 skull in the body at the room's end. The Decanter of Endless Water is in a pile of rubble a bit to the north of the body.
Once you get near the body, a bunch of vargouilles will attack, be careful.
Explore the rooms to the west now, in the north-west room there's only 2 ghouls fighting a trocopotoca. The south-west room as some items though, 1 blood charm, 28 copper coins, 1 gold bracelet and 1 iron knuckles inside some barrels and a chest.
Head south through that room and kill the vargouilles hangin about. Then, loot the chests for 24 gold, 1 silver earring, 1 bone charm, 3 charm of infinite recall and 1 enchanted punch daggers.
Continue to the east until you reach a trocopotoca and some vargouilles, kill them and take the items from one of the graves (1 copper earring, 1 tarnished silver bracelet, 2 needle and thread and a skull).
Keep following that path to the east, to where the two trocopotocas are, kill them and take the bronze sphere from the collector's body (plus 47 copper commons and a battle axe).
Head down to the sealed passage now. Only Nameless One will be able to go, so make sure he has some available slots in his inventory.
Note: There's 1 junk in the crate near the dead collector, but you really don't need it.
This tomb was built by one of your past incarnations (you'll find out why, later on). You will actually have to die in order to explore this tomb, use the torment symbols carved throughout the floor to accomplish this (these symbols house very powerful traps!). Now proceed through the corridor until you get teleported to a different room.
Note: You can loot the skeletons near the entrance for some items (3 bandages, 32 coins and 1 antler axe).
In this room, get the tomb key1 from the sarcophagus, the items from the skeleton bodies (1 silver bracelet, 1 punch daggers, 1 charm of infinite recall, 1 silver earring and 1 abyssal pipe) and after that, kill yourself using the traps. You'll be reborn at the entrance, go down the corridor and be teleported to another room.
Take the tomb key2 from the sarcophagus in the new room, and proceed to killing yourself again. Once in the entrance go down the corridor and be teleported again.
Same thing here, take the tomb key3 from the sarcophagus and kill yourself. Then go through the entrance corridor, but this time, you'll be able to reach the middle room (instead of being teleported).
In the middle room, read all the writings on the walls and push in their respective panels. Then, inspect the sarcophagus and take the tomb key4. After you get the key, go through the southmost corridor and be teleported to another room.
Get the following items from the box: 1 enchanted battle axe, 1 corpse fly charm, 1 tear of salieru dei, 1 knot charm, 1 heart charm and 1 scroll of ax of torment. Exit through the portal afterwards.
Pick up Morte and Dak'kon, and return to Pharod with the bronze sphere. Don't forget to take the Decanter to Glyve as well.
Note: If you haven't gone to the Warrens of Thought area yet, you should go there now.
Note: Now that you have read the "Don't trust the skull" line at the tomb, you can question Morte about it (1000 exp).

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