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Warrens of Thought

As you enter the Warrens of Thought, Mantuok, a wererat in the service of Many-as-One, will ask why you have come there. You can tell him that Soego sent you and you wish to speak to Many-as-One (available if you've already been to the Dead Nations), doing anything else will get you arrested or get you to fight Mantuok. I usually let them arrest me, this way I can get a little more exp.
In the prison, pick up the following items from the various weapon racks: 1 crescent hatchet, 1 battle axe, 2 mace, 1 baatezu mace, 2 heart charms and 3 corpse fly charms. After, approach the prison's door and speak to the guard. There are several ways of convincing him to free you, threatning, reasoning, bribery... choose one (3750 exp).
Note: With Annah in your party (near the door), one of the guards will set you free (no exp).
Before a more thorough examination of the rest of the area, you should head north, and see Many-as-One.
Note: There's a rusty dagger in one of the nearby weapon racks.
Many-as-One is the voice of the cranium rat collective, talk to him and deny that you are a murderer, then offer to perform a task for him. If you've found out about Silent King's death, you can tell him for 7500 exp and a memory (exp gained depends on your WIS & class, it goes from 2000 to 4000 exp).You can also bluff him into thinking the Dead Nations are too powerful (no memory this way). If the Dead Nations' ghouls went on a rampage or if you've killed many rats while in these warrens you also don't get the memory.
Nothing more to do here but item scrounging, I'll only mention the places with items that are actually useful (forget the skulls, rags...).
You can start by getting a scroll of ball lightning from one of the graves south of the prison (x=3035, y=2464).
Go back up, and start exploring the northen rooms. Here's a list of the items you should look for:
· The Murk, inside a barrel (x=2091, y=347);
· 4 bandages and 31 gold in one of the elevated graves (x=2526, y=578);
· 14 gold inside crates (x=2550, y=1279);
· 4 gold, 3 bandages, 2 needle and thread inside crates (x=2526, y=1385);
· 22 gold and a copper earring inside a barrel (x=1460, y=519);
· 27 gold in another elevated grave (x=631, y=956).
In the middle room there's a also 47 gold in one of the graves (x=2028, y=2204).
That's all for the items, you can leave now.


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